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Featured guest Diane Lapp  DianeLapp

“Graphic Novels: What Elementary Teachers Think About Their Instructional Value” by Diane Lapp, Thomas DeVere Wolsey, Douglas Fisher, and Nancy Frey

Lee Indrisano, Editor of the Journal and Professor at Boston University School of Education, converses with Dr. Diane Lapp, Distinguished Professor in the Department of Teacher Education, San Diego State University, on her research that focused on teachers who use graphic novels with their students.  Full Journal article.  Recent IVN article here.

Graphic Novels Podcast

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dpearsonFrankelFeatured Guests David Pearson and Katherine Frankel

“Reflections on Becoming a Researcher” by Katherine Frankel and P. David Pearson

Professor Jeanne R. Paratore, Boston University School of Education, interviews Professor P. David Pearson, University of California, Berkeley and his former doctoral advisee, Professor Katherine Frankel, now a member of the faculty at Boston University School of Education, on mentoring experiences that guide young scholars in their development as researchers. Full article here.

Becoming a Researcher Podcast

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Featured Guests Chad D’Entremont and Alan Gaynor

“Charting the Course: Four Years of the Thomas W. Payzant School on the Move Prize” by Chad d’Entremont, Jill Norton, Michael Bennett, and Peter Piazza”

“Different Students: How Typical Schools Are Built to Fail and Need to Change: A Structural Analysis” by Alan Kibbe Gaynor

This podcast is presented in two segments: the first is a conversation between Drs. d’Entremont and Gaynor, and the second focuses on their reflections following their initial exchange.

Part 1:  The first podcast was hosted by School of Education Dean and Professor Hardin T. K. Coleman and features Chad d’Entremont, Executive Director of the Rennie Center for Education Research and Policy, and Alan K. Gaynor, a professor of Educational Leadership at Boston University School of Education. The discussion focuses on the way these researchers, using different methodologies, arrived at similar conclusions regarding the characteristics of effective school leaders.

Part 2:  Following the initial podcast, Drs. d’Entremont and Gaynor continued their conversation and agreed to a second podcast, this one hosted by Lee Indrisano. This podcast focuses on their subsequent reflections on their conversation, their shared insights, and the possibilities for future collaboration. Full article/case study here

Leadership Podcast Part One

Leadership Podcast Part Two

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Featured Guest Leslie Dietiker


“What Mathematics Education Can Learn from Art: The Assumptions, Values, and Vision of Mathematics Education”

In a conversation that focuses on her article in a recent issue of the Journal of Education,  Dr. Leslie Dietiker discusses the ways mathematics educators can be informed by the arts. Drawing on Elliot Eisner’s perspective that educational challenges can be met by applying an artful lens, she proposes that mathematical problems can be considered as stories, and students can be encouraged to call upon what Louise Rosenblatt called “experiential-linguisitic capital” as they ask, “How is this possible? Why does that happen?  Dr. Dietiker concludes by suggesting that by theorizing mathematics curriculum as an art form, the future of mathematics teaching and learning will be changed and lead to new opportunities.  Full article/case study here

Mathematics Education Podcast