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Volume 197 • Number 1 • 2017 • Early Career Scholars

Featured Book Reviews”

Academic/Professional Text: Reviewed by Dinh Phan, Journal of Education

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Books for Young Readers: Reviewed by Michelle Carney and Elizabeth Nolan, Journal of Education

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coverVolume 196 • Number 3 • 2016 Becoming a Nation of Readers: Retrospectives and Visions

Featured Article:  From “What is Reading?” to “What is Literacy?”

by Katherine Frankel, Boston University; Bryce L.C. Becker,  Marjorie W. Rowe, and P. David Pearson, University of California, Berkeley

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JOEVOL.196.2.COVERVolume 196 • Number 2 • 2016 • Early Career Scholars

Becoming a Researcher: A Reflection
by Alan H. Schoenfeld, University of California, Berkeley and Katherine E. Lewis, University of
Washington, Seattle

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Volume 1BUJOE.Vol.196.1.cover96 • Number 1 • 2016 • Cultural and Linguistic Diversity

Featured Article:  Deaf Students as a Linguistic and Cultural Minority: Shifting Perspectives and Implications for Teaching and Learning

by Michael Higgins and Amy M. Lieberman

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