Volume 193, 2012-2013

The Journal of Education invites you to read selected articles from our recent issues:

Volume 193 •  Number 3 •  2013 •  PEDAGOGICAL CONTENT KNOWLEDGEBUJoE.193.3.TOC

Featured Article:  What Is Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK)?

by Matthew J. Koehler, Punya Mishra, and William Cain, Michigan State University





Volume 193 •  Number 2 •  2013  •  TECHNOLOGY IN EDUCATIONBUJOE.193.2.TOC

Featured Article:  A Study Comparing Virtual Manipulatives with Other Instructional Treatments in Third and Fourth Grade Classrooms

by Patricia Moyer-Packenham, Joseph Baker, Arla Westenskow, Katie Anderson, Jessica Shumway, Kati Rodzon, and Kerry Jordan, The Virtual Manipulatives Research Group at Utah State University



Volume 193 • Number 1 • 2013  •  EARLY CAREER SCHOLARS

BUJOE Vol 193.1.TOC

Featured article:  The Effects of Grammatical Complexity on Children’s Comprehension, Recall, and Conception of Certain Semantic Relations (Reprint)

by P. David Pearson