Minor in Jewish Studies

Six 4-credit courses are required for the minor, with a grade of C or higher:

  • CAS RN 216 (Judaism) is required of all minors

The remaining five courses, chosen in consultation with an EWCJS advisor, may include:

  • Up to one course at the 100 level
  • Up to one course at the 200 level
  • At least three courses at the 300 level or above

The study of Hebrew is strongly encouraged. Students may count up to two Hebrew language courses toward the minor, provided that those courses are taken at the CAS LH 212 level or higher.

Jewish Studies minors are encouraged to choose classes from within at least two of the following six curricular areas:

  1. Sacred Texts and Tradition
    (Area faculty: Botta, Darr, Frankfurter, Katz, Klawans, Lobel, Zank)
  2. Jewish Thought and Philosophy
    (Area faculty: Anderson, Garrrett, Katz, Lobel, Zank)
  3. Literature and the Arts
    (Area faculty: Borinsky, Gillman, Harrowitz, Kovler, Mehlman, Prince, Zell)
  4. History and Society
    (Area faculty: Arkin, Berlin, Dellheim, Frankfurter, Kleiman, Klepper, Levine, Rabinovitch, Zatlin)
  5. Holocaust & Genocide Studies
    (Area faculty: Anderson, Dellheim, Grodin, Harrowitz, Katz, Levine, Zatlin)
  6. Hebrew and Israel Studies
    (Area faculty: Angrist, Gillman, Jacobson, Karlinsky, Litvin, Zank)

Note: Areas 1-3 represent courses in the Humanities, areas 4-6 represent courses in the Social Sciences. Please visit the upcoming courses page, using the drop-down menu.
If you are interested in the minor in Jewish Studies, please contact Professor Michael Zank at mzank@bu.edu or 617.353.4434, for an advising appointment.