Fall 2020 Courses

Interdisciplinary Courses

World Cultures of the Jews

CAS JS 100 (4 Credits)

Introduces students to the study of Judaism in its many forms, by exploring Jewish communities across the globe today, their different historical origins and cultural contexts, and strategies of preserving cohesion and transnational solidarity. BU Hub areas: The Individual in Community, Global Citizenship and Intercultural Literacy, Teamwork/Collaboration

Sacred Texts and Comparative Traditions 

The Bible

CAS JS 120 (4 Credits) Mts w/ CAS RN 101

Introduction to the great canonical anthologies of Jews and Christians. Students will learn to read for historical context and genre conventions; study classical and modern strategies of interpretation, and create a collaborative commentary or piece of “fan-fiction.”  BU Hub areas: Aesthetic Exploration, Historical Consciousness, Creativity/Innovation 

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam 

CAS JS 121 (4 Credits) Mts w/ CAS RN 104

Islam, Christianity, and Judaism in historical and cultural context, origins to the present. Examines the diversity of practices, belief systems, and social structures within these religions. It also addresses debates within and between communities as well as contemporary controversies and concerns. BU HUB areas: Historical Consciousness, Global Citizenship, and Intercultural Literacy 

History and Holocaust

Judaism in the Modern Period

CAS JS 255 (4 Credits) Mts w/ CAS RN 328, GRS RN 628

Exploration of complex encounters between Judaism and modernity from the Renaissance and Reformation to expulsion from Spain and creation of Jewish centers in the New World; emancipation and its consequences; assimilation, conversion, Reform Judaism, Zionism, the American Jewish community, modern anti-Semitism. BU HUB areas: Historical Consciousness, Global Citizenship and Intercultural Literacy

The Holocaust

CAS JS 260 (4 Credits) Mts w/ CAS RN 384

Background of German (and European) anti-Semitism. Rise of Nazism and early oppression, initial Jewish reaction, mechanics of destruction, ghettos, camps, world response and nonresponse, the literature of the Holocaust, and religious implications. BU HUB areas: Historical Consciousness, Ethical Reasoning 

Fascism and the Holocaust in Italy

CAS JS 366 (4 Credits) Mts w/ CAS CI 386, CAS LI 386

The Fascist regime and the Holocaust in Italy: how the civic status of Italian Jews changed from the beginnings of discrimination against them to deportations of 1943, posing larger questions about bigotry and racism, and the role of bystander complicity. BU HUB areas: Aesthetic Exploration, Historical Consciousness

Representations of the Holocaust in Literature and Film

CAS RN 385 ( 4 Credits) Mts w/ CAS CI 269, CAS XL 281, GRS RN 685

Questions of representation in literature and film about the Holocaust, including testimonial and fictive works by Wiesel and Levi, Ozick, and others; films include documentaries and feature films. Discussions of the Holocaust as a historical reality, metaphor, and generative force in literature. Also offered as CAS CI 269 A1 and CAS XL 281 A1.  BU Hub areas: Historical Consciousness, Ethical Reasoning.

Contemporary Jewish Societies and Cultures, incl. Israel Studies

Advanced Modern Hebrew: Voices in Israeli Society

CAS JS 281 (4 Credits) Mts w/ CAS LH 311

This course provides advanced language practice and introduction to globally diverse groups in Israeli society: Orthodox and secular, immigrants and veteran immigrants, Mizrahi and Ashkenazi Jews, Arab-Israelis and more. Through reading a variety of academic and newspapers articles, short stories, poems and viewing interviews, documentaries and movies, students will enhance their interpretation, writing and oral skills while acquiring fundamental knowledge about ethnic/religious/national/social diversity in Israel. BU Hub areas: Global Citizenship and Intercultural Literacy, Digital/Multimedia Expression

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

CAS JS 286 (4 Credits) Mts w/ CAS HI 393

History of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, analysis of conflicting narratives through primary sources and film. Students present their reflections on the conflict and debate possibilities of resolution. Counts toward majors and minors in History, International Relations, Middle East & North Africa Studies, and Jewish Studies. BU Hub areas: Historical Consciousness, Global Citizenship, and Intercultural Literacy.

Students may count up to two courses in Hebrew language toward the degree in Jewish Studies. These may include any JS or LH course taught in Hebrew. For a full list of Fall 2020 Hebrew Language courses please see the course planner.