Jewish Studies at BU

Jewish civilization is global and particular, ancient and modern, full of ancient rituals, customs, myths, memories, and replete with history. Jewish texts and ideas are part of our world’s great heritage. If you are curious about one of the world’s oldest living religious traditions and its many historical, social, and intellectual engagements across historical time and global space, we are the place for you. Our courses are taught by faculty trained in Religion, Near Eastern and Judaic Studies, Medieval and Modern History, Romance literature, Medicine, Law, Hebrew Language, Comparative Literature, Philosophy, Theology, and other fields and disciplines. Find out what excites them about the Jewish experience and its academic study. Take any of our courses and get hooked!

Our students benefit from small classes with dedicated teachers. We connect students with internships, offer awards and scholarships, support study abroad in Israel, and provide opportunities for independent research.

Degree Information


Six 4-credit courses are required for the minor, with a grade of C or higher:

  • CAS RN 216 (Judaism) is required of all minors

The remaining five courses, chosen in consultation with an EWCJS advisor, may include:

  • Up to one course at the 100 level
  • Up to one course at the 200 level
  • At least three courses at the 300 level or above

The study of Hebrew is strongly encouraged. Students may count up to two Hebrew language courses toward the minor, provided that those courses are taken at the CAS LH 212 level or higher.


The College of Arts and Sciences offers the option of pursuing an independent major in Jewish studies. Using this option, you may design your own Jewish studies major! If you’re interested, please talk to Michael Zank, Director (, or simply approach one of our teaching faculty for advice.

Our courses count

Many of our 100, 200, and higher-level classes count towards Humanities or Social Studies divisional credit requirements, and you may count either one of CC101 or CC102 toward the minor in Jewish Studies and fulfill some of your general education requirements.

Study Abroad

If you are planning to study abroad, you could study in Israel! BU has its own program in Haifa but students affiliated with the EWCJS have also pursued abroad programs in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Beer Sheba (Ben Gurion University). Others have studied Eastern European Jewish history through independent programs centered in Prague and elsewhere. Qualified students may apply for research and travel support from the EWCJS. Preferential consideration will be given to concentrators in Jewish studies, MLCL/Hebrew Language & Literature, or MENA.










Research Opportunities

Consider working with a Jewish studies faculty member on a summer research project through UROP!

For questions on undergraduate opportunities and resources, please contact Michael Zank at or call 617.353.8096.


   Student attends our BUJS research forum