Freud's Women (Boston Playwrights' Theatre)

7:00 pm on Sunday, March 30, 2014
Boston Playwrights' Theatre
Israeli Stage is proud to host award-winning playwright Savyon Liebrecht for the World Premiere of Freud’s Women! The play revolves around the women in Sigmund Freud’s life and the irregularities of his relationship with his wife, his sister-in-law (with whom he would go on vacation) and his daughter, Anna Freud. The workshop and performance are sponsored in part by Boston University’s Jewish Cultural Endowment, Elie Wiesel Center for Judaic Studies, Arts Initiative, Hebrew Program, Modern Languages Department, Boston Playwright’s Theatre and Women, Gender and Sexuality Department. Special thanks to Matt Lebovic and Matt Hoffman (CJP), Lihi Benisty (StandWithUs), Abigail Gillman (Modern Languages), Michael Zank and Diane Brosgol (Elie Wiesel Center for Jewish Studies), Kate Snodgrass (BPT), Ty Furman (BU Arts Initiative), and Mira Angrist (BU Hebrew Department) who have been instrumental in making this project a reality. FEATURING: Ken Baltin, Miranda Craigwell, Liz Hayes, Obehi Janice, Paula Langton, Karen MacDonald, Erica Spyres DIRECTOR: Melia Bensussen, OBIE Award winner PRODUCER: Guy Ben-Aharon ABOUT SAVYON LIEBRECHT Savyon Liebrecht was born in Munich, Germany, in 1948, to Holocaust survivor parents. She studied philosophy and literature at Tel Aviv University and started publishing in 1986. Liebrecht has published six collections of short stories and novellas and two novels. She has also written multiple plays, all of which have been staged, and a number of TV scripts. She has received awards for two of her TV scripts, the Alterman Prize (1987), the Amelia Rosselli Prize for Mail Order Women (Italy, 2002) and the Maior-Amalfi Award for A Good Place for the Night (Italy, 2005). She was awarded Playwright of the Year for her successful plays, It`s All Greek to Me (2005), and Apples in the Desert (2006). The Banality of Love won Best Play of the Year in 2009.