Jewish Studies and Religion 2014 Course Sampling

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February 10th, 2014

Free kosher dinner and lively introductions to a range of Jewish studies and Religion courses by faculty, what better way to get a taste of Jewish studies at BU. Join us Wednesday, March 5, at 6pm at the Hillel House.

Find out what taking a class with BU Jewish Studies and Religion faculty can teach you by joining this second of two course samplers.

Where: BU Hillel House, 213 BSR, 2nd Floor
When: March 5th, at 6pm.

Meet with professors to discuss Fall 2014 courses that count toward concentrations in MENA, Jewish Studies, and Religion. None of the courses have pre-reqs, and all 100- and 200-level courses fulfill undergrad humanities requirements.

RSVP here or by emailing Sarah Leventer (Graduate Assistant to the EWCJS):

2014 Course Sampling
March 5th
2nd floor Hillel House lounge