Hebrew Counts Toward New MENA Major

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October 10th, 2013

Want to study Hebrew and Arabic, Turkish, and Farsi and make it count? Now you can. The university just approved a new major in Middle East and North Africa Studies, shepherded by Prof. Margaret Litvin and housed, for now, in the Modern Languages and Comparative Literature department. The major entails three years of language courses; an introductory course surveying the region through one discipline; three social science courses; three humanities courses; and four electives, as well as a one-credit mini-seminar ME 101 (Issues in Middle East Studies), to be offered for the first time this coming spring. Students are encouraged to register for it if they think they are good candidates for the major.  Some seniors may even be able to add MENA as a second major. For more information, please contact Margaret Litvin at mlitvin@bu.edu.


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