CAS Major in Middle East Studies

Coming soon to a theater near you!!

WHY Middle East Studies at BU?

  • Because BU already offers Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, AND Turkish
  • Because BU already offers more than 80 undergraduate courses on Middle Eastern topics
  • Because BU already offers study abroad programs in Rabat (Morocco); Haifa (Israel)); Istanbul (Turkey); and Beirut (Lebanon)
  • Because Midddle East‐interested BU students need a place to become familiar with the history, arts, religions, and politics off the region, and to build real cultural competence and language proficiency

WHAT will the Middle East Studies Major give me?

  • Coursework on Middle Eastern languages, art, history, cultures, religions and politics
  • Access to professors across the university who are experts in this important region
  • Balance of social science and humanities courses
  • Opportunity to attain real proficiency in one ME language and to sample e several
  • Encouragement to study abroad in the region
  • Sense of community with other ME Studies majors, from a sophomore mini‐seminar to Co‐curricular events, and research projects culminating in a senior conference
  • A safe, smart academic space to explore, deepen, and perhaps revise your beliefs and ideas about the region
  • if you play it right, a job after graduation. For instance: three of the Middle Eastern languages taught at BU are on the State Department’s “critical languages” list (i.e., where it is considered in the national interest to have more speakers)

WHEN can I join??

  • Approved by CAS faculty on October 17, 2012
  • Expected to be approved by the University, and available to declare, by Fall 2013
  • Contact Prof. Margaret L Irvin in MLCL for more info or to discuss:

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