Africans, African Americans, and the Abrahamic Religions Symposium

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April 17th, 2012

On April 19 and April 20th, BU’s African American Studies Program presented the Africans, African Americans, and the Abrahamic Religions Symposium on the 9th floor of Photonics on BU’s campus. This symposium explored the impact that the Abrahamic Religions  have had on Africans and their descendants in the Americas from the period of the slave trade until the present day.  An outstanding group of scholars from the United States, Europe, Latin America and Israel  examined topics such as the Ras Tafari movement in Jamaica, Black Judaism in the 1930s, Nigerian Pentacostalism and the “Black church”.  The symposium  featured panels on the interaction between Christianity and African Traditional Religions in the Caribbean and South America and a discussion of the three faiths in modern American life by representatives of each one.

Speakers included Tudor Parfitt (University of London), Professor of Modern Jewish Studies, Albert Raboteau (Princeton University), Henry W. Putnam Professor of Religion, and Lamin Sanneh, (Yale University), D. Willis Professor of Missions and World Christianity.

For more information see the African American Studies website, and attached schedule.