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Tape 7 - Released May 30, 1986  

As in tape 6, released two months before, the emphasis in the seventh tape is verbal. Released on the eve of Bonner's return to the Soviet Union, it was again intended to suggest that she was giving a false account of Sakharov's situation in Gorky and distorting his ideas.  

 The tape shows us Sakharov talking to Gorky citizens about the issue of nuclear energy, following the accident at Chernobyl on April 26, 1986. He has been accosted on the street by these citizens, and his answers to their questions are contrasted with statements attributed to Bonner which were published in the Italian magazine, Il Sabato. These statements by Bonner are read in Russian by a female announcer as an English translation is put on the screen. Bonner, in fact, did not make these statements nor did she even give an interview to Il Sabato. The newspaper published its accounts based on remarks from one of Bonner's friends.  

 After each statement, the tape cuts to a montage of Sakharov answering his street-corner interlocutors. One of these "passers-by" is the ever-obliging, ever-role-playing Obukhov, by now a regular stooge of the KGB. Another is a young man with a beard and a hold-all who says he is a reporter from a local newspaper. In a third setup, two women have positioned by Sakharov's car. In a fourth, Sakharov is in a telephone booth, presumably the same as in the March tape when he was pictured talking to his wife. They have all been rigged with radio microphones and the camera is hidden across the street. In one shot a heavy truck passes trough the frame. Toward the end, as he finishes his conversation with the two women, Sakharov gets into his car; the young bearded man takes his photograph. The tape opens with a title in Russian, 'Bonner and Sakharov talk about Chernobyl," and it ends with the same title, plus the words, "You have seen it." Total length 13.45 minutes.  


Tape 8 - Released June 18, 1986 (not viewed)  

As reported in the press, this final tape in the series is a recording of a conversation between Sakharov and Bonner in their apartment after Bonner's return - a recording obtained, presumably, by bugging their rooms. Their voices are used as background narration to scenes of the couple walking about Gorky. Apparently the conversation is of Bonner reproaching Sakharov for being provoked into discussing sensitive issues for the benefit of KGB cameras.  

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