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FT 363: The Television Revolution      

      This course introduces students to the revolution in human communication that television has brought about. It surveys the evolution of the medium from its origins in the electronic inventions of the nineteenth century, through the heyday of radio broadcasting in the first half of the twentieth century, to television's establishing itself as the dominant medium of communication in the western world and its recent explosive growth everywhere else. 

      The course is designed for students concentrating on the study of television in the Department of Film and Television. It is intended to give everyone entering this program a basic knowledge of the historic turning points in the development of the electronic media.The first half of the course will be chronological, taking the story up to the "coming of age" of television in the nineteen sixties.The second half will be thematic, emphasizing the changing television environment of the last thirty years and television events that have had a significant impact on the cultural landscape.

      An important component of the course is the discussion in class of individual experiences as television viewers. There will be opportunities for group presentations on selected topics and everyone is encouraged to participate in these. Some assignments require the viewing out of class of videotapes of early television programs. The more we can share in our experiences and criticisms of the medium, the more we all learn about it.     

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