Summer/Fall 2021 Travel Advisory

Are you considering international travel between now and the start of Fall semester?

  • The continuing outbreak of COVID19 around the world continues to involve increased risk for all international travel.
  • Effective January 26, 2021, all travelers to the United States must proof of a negative COVID test within 72 hours of their departure.  More details can be found on the CDC Website.
  • Please pay special attention to Back2BU for latest updates and information about BU’s response to COVID-19 and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts quarantine requirements for anyone traveling from out of state/country.
  • Please note details regarding the temporary travel ban for all non-immigrants traveling to the US from China, Iran, Brazil, South Africa and 28 countries in Europe.
  • Many countries are extending travel restrictions without advanced warning due to sustained COVID transmission.
  • Please note special details regarding visa processing for graduate students and researchers from China and temporary bans on employment visas in ISSO News.
  • While ISSO staff will advise you on the US immigration documentation required for travel, unfortunately, we cannot offer any assurances if you choose to travel. You should carefully weigh the risks of departing the United States during this difficult time, as travel restrictions are unpredictable.

Key Considerations for International Travel:

  • Can you get to your planned destination?
    • Are there flights?
    • Are there travel restrictions or quarantine requirements in that country that could prohibit you to be admitted to your destination?
    • Do you have appropriate travel and visa documentation for your destination?
    • Will you need to quarantine when you arrive at your destination?
  • Can you get back to the US?
    • Are there flights back to the US?
    • Are there travel restrictions that will prohibit you from departing from that country?
    • Are there US travel restrictions that prohibit you from entering the US?
    • Do you have the appropriate visa and travel documentation to return to the US?
      • Routine visa processing at certain US Embassies and Consulates remains suspended. Please visit the website of the US Embassy or Consulate where you will apply to see how and when your visa appointment will be scheduled. If you need a new visa, you should anticipate delays in visa processing during the COVID emergency.
    • Are there other MA state or BU requirements for quarantine, testing or vaccinations that you should be aware of?

If you have further questions about international travel or visa renewal please contact your ISSO Student Advisor or your ISSO Scholar Advisor.  You can also refer to the ISSO Travel Tips for more information.

In addition, students should pay careful attention to Boston University’s Health and Safety Advisories for travel to high-risk countries.