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CINTAX Login Information

All international students and scholars at Boston University have been assigned a CINTAX password.  The password was distributed by e-mail and If you have not received this password, please contact the ISSO.  Please do not distribute this password to anyone outside of the BU community.

You may access CINTAX from any computer with internet access from anywhere in the world using Windows Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher. Simply go to: and click on the word "CINTAX" at the top of the page.

The first time you log into CINTAX, you will be asked "Have you already created your User Account?" Select "No. This is my first time to login this year. I need to create my User Account."  You will be prompted to enter the CINTAX password and then set up a personal UserID (6-10 alpha or numeric characters; no spaces or punctuation) and Password. Be sure to remember your selected UserID. If you used CINTAX last year and have your UserID and Password information, enter that. If you used CINTAX last year and do not remember your UserID or Password, simply create a new UserID and Password.

To ensure that your income tax information remains private and secure, DO NOT share your Password or UserID with anyone. Please note that your email address is used solely by CINTAX to contact you if there is a problem while you are using the system; they have promised not to sell or share your email address in our licensing agreement. Each time you log into CINTAX, you must enter the same Password, UserID and email address.

During your use of CINTAX, you will be asked whether you would like CINTAX to:

  1. save your information until June 16, 2010 (so that you may reprint or modify your return), or
  2. delete your information

If you create an account and begin using the system and select "Save" your information, you must enter the same Password, UserID and email address you entered when you initially established your User Account every time you log into CINTAX to return to your saved information.

If you create an account and begin using the system and then select "Delete" your information, you will be required to create a new User Account at login to re-enter all your data.

If you have questions about your Password, contact the ISSO. If you need assistance with CINTAX, click on Online Help at the bottom of any screen; Online Help will provide specific information relating to the topic on that page. If you have a technical issue, contact the CINTAX Support Center at All support questions are handled via email.

Boston University
February 24, 2010

Boston University International Students & Scholars Office