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Cintax Login Information

International students and scholars are often surprised to learn that they must file tax forms while they are in the U.S. The deadline for filing 2004 taxes is coming soon. The staff of the ISSO does not specialize in international tax law and can not answer specific questions you may have regarding your individual tax filing requirements. However, we have purchased software licenses you can utilize to prepare your federal tax forms and have prepared this bulletin to offer some resources to help you with this process. Please read the information below carefully so you can comply with your tax filing obligations.

How Do I Get Started using the Cintax software to prepare my federal tax return?
You may access Cintax from any computer with internet access from anywhere in the world using Windows Internet Explorer 4.o or higher. Simply type the following URL address into your internet browser: and click on the word “Cintax” at the top of the page to enter.

What Documents and Information Do I Need BEFORE I Login?
Please make sure you have the following documents and information available BEFORE you log into Cintax:

  • Visa/Immigration Status;
  • Passport;
  • Form DS-2019, if J status individual;
  • Form I-20, if F status individual;
  • Social Security or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number;
  • Address Information (i.e., Current U.S. and Foreign Address);
  • U.S. Entry and Exit Dates for current and past visits to the U.S.;
  • Academic Institution or Host Sponsor Information (name/address/phone for Academic Director);
  • Forms W-2, 1042-S and/or 1099 (if you received any);
  • Scholarship/fellowship grant letter you may have received (if any); and
  • A copy of your 2003 federal income tax return (Form 1040NR or 1040NR-EZ), if you filed a federal income tax return last year.

How Do I Log Into Cintax?
The first time you log into Cintax, you will be asked to set up a new UserID, in addition to entering your assigned BU Password and your email address. Please contact the ISSO at 617/353-3565 or at if you have not received your assigned Cintax password. At the prompt, “Have you already created your User Account", enter the appropriate information under the section “No. This is my first time to login this year. I need to create my User Account.” You must then enter a personal UserID (6-10 alpha or numeric characters; no spaces or punctuation). Be sure to remember your selected UserID.

To ensure that your income tax return information remains private and secure, DO NOT share your Password or UserID with anyone. Please note that your email address is used solely by Cintax to contact you if there is a problem while you are using the system; they have promised not to sell or share your email address in our licensing agreement. Each time you log into Cintax, you must enter the same Password, UserID and email address.

How Long is My Password and USERID Valid?
During your use of Cintax, you will be asked whether you would like Cintax to:

(i) save your information until June 15, 2005 (so that you may reprint or modify your return), or
(ii) delete your information.

If you create an account and begin using the system and select “Save” your information, you must enter the same Password, UserID and email address you entered when you initially established your User Account every time you log into Cintax to return to your saved information.

If you create an account and begin using the system and then select “Delete” your information, you will be required to create a new User Account at login to re-enter all your data.

How Can I Get Help?
If you have questions about your Password, contact the ISSO . If you need assistance with Cintax, click on Online Help at the bottom of any screen. Online Help will provide specific information relating to the topic on that page. If you have a technical issue, contact the Cintax Support Center at All support questions are handled via email.


Boston University
February 28, 2005

Boston University International Students & Scholars Office