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If you plan to bring your children to the United States with you while studying or working at Boston University, you will most likely need to make arrangements for childcare and/or schooling for them. Cost and quality of childcare and schooling varies widely between institutions, so it is important to carefully consider all options and make the best choice for you and your child.


Boston University Resources
The Boston University Office of Family Resources offers assistance to BU students, faculty and staff. Their services include part-time and full-time early childhood learning centers, a babysitting referral service, school vacation programs, and community referrals for childcare resources.

Other Resources

MA Child Care offers listings of childcare providers in Massachusetts, news about parenting, community bulletin boards for parents, child health information and activities for children.
The Boston Parents' Paper provides ideas for classes, entertainment, schools, special events, where to buy children's clothes or furniture, etc.
The Freedman Center for Child & Family Development  connects families with health and wellness resources.

Massachusetts state law mandates that all children aged six years or older must be enrolled in school. The  Massachusetts Department of Education provides information on all of the school districts in Massachusetts, as well as news and regulations about education.
The Boston Area Yellow Pages allows you to filter your search for schools by category, distance, and rating.  You can contact schools directly to find out about enrollment and entrance requirements.

Activities for Children

In the United States, much emphasis is placed on children being active. It is not unusual for children to be enrolled in many different kinds of lessons (such as music, art, dance, swimming, gymnastics, etc.) and/or sports (such as baseball, soccer, hockey, etc.). Getting your child involved in these types of activities can allow them to fit in better with American children as well as make friends.

  • The YMCA of Greater Boston offers many sporting activities for both adults and children. Contact the Boston Central Office at 617-927-8040.
  • There are many gymnastics and dance centers in the area; most will offer classes for babies through adolescents. Search the Boston Area Yellow Pages for gymnastics instruction or dance instruction.
  • Ask other parents or teachers in your child's school for recommendations of lessons or teams that your child would be interested in.


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March 18, 2013

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