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Health Insurance and Medical Care

Medical Insurance Coverage
There is no socialized or national system of health care in the United States, and medical treatment is extremely expensive. All Boston University students are required to have appropriate medical insurance coverage. As part of your tuition and fees, you will be charged a medical insurance fee. This means that you will automatically be covered through Boston University's student medical insurance plan.

If you already have health insurance coverage from another source (for example, through a company that sponsors your study in the United States) you may request a "waiver" of this fee by completing a form and providing proof of appropriate insurance to the Student Accounting Office. Please note, however, that your insurance plan must meet strict requirements in order for you to qualify for the waiver. With very few exceptions, state law prohibits Boston University from accepting coverage by an insurance company outside the United States. Before enrolling for coverage or renewing coverage in an insurance plan other than Boston University's student health plan, check with the Student Accounting Office to determine if it meets the waiver requirements.

For more information about student medical insurance:

Student Accounting Services

Chickering Medical Insurance (BU's student plan)
BU's group policy number is 711110

Student Health Services
Student Health Services are available to all full-time Boston University students. The services available include a Walk-In Medical Clinic, gynecological and family planning services, a mental health clinic, referrals to specialists and an infirmary.


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February 28, 2005

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