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F-1 Transfers

An F-1 student who is maintaining status may transfer to another U.S. school by following the procedures described below.  An F-1 student who was not pursuing a full course of study at the school he or she was last authorized to attend is ineligible for transfer and must apply to the USCIS for reinstatement with the assistance of the new school they wish to attend. Alternatively, the student may obtain a new "initial attendance" I-20 and gain a new F-1 status by re-entering the U.S.  These options should be discussed with an international student advisor.

Transfer to Boston University
F-1 students who are currently authorized to study at a school in the U.S. other than Boston University, must first be admitted for full-time study to BU and be issued a BU I-20 to transfer from their current school.

Transfer from Boston University
F-1 students who are in the U.S. on a Boston University I-20, but wish to begin full-time study at another U.S. school, must notify the ISSO of their intention to change schools.


Boston University
February 28, 2005

Boston University International Students & Scholars Office