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Transferring F-1 Status from Boston University

Notify the ISSO
You are required by law to inform the ISSO if you intend to remain in the country and transfer to another U.S. school to continue your studies in F-1 status, even if you have already completed your program of study at Boston University and are on Optional Practical Training.  It is then your responsibility to obtain a new I-20 from the school to which you intend to transfer and have it processed to complete the transfer of your status.

Notify Your Academic Department
If you are enrolled in a degree program and have not yet graduated from Boston University, it is also important that you notify your academic department of your plans to discontinue study.  You will be given the option to withdraw permanently from your program, or take a temporary leave of absence.

Temporary Leave of Absence or Suspension
If you are only transferring temporarily to another school in the U.S. during a leave of absence or suspension, but plan to return to Boston University to complete your degree program, you will need a new I-20 to transfer back to Boston University when you are ready to resume your studies here.

Students on Optional Practical Training

If you are currently on Optional Practical Training, your work permission will become invalid once you transfer to another school's I-20, and you will lose any unused portion of your work permission period.


Boston University
May 10, 2010

Boston University International Students & Scholars Office