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Application to Change Dependents to F-2 Status

(NOTE: The following information is only for Boston University F-1 students whose dependents wish to change to F-2 status.  If you wish to change to F-2 status based on the F-1 status of a spouse or parent who is at another U.S. school, you should contact the international student advisor at that school for assistance.)

If your dependents are already in the U.S. in another valid nonimmigrant status and wish to change to F-2 status, please follow these steps:

  1. Contact your ISSO advisor to discuss your situation and arrange an appointment.
  2. Arrange to request a new I-20 for each dependent,, if you have not already done so.
  3. Prepare and bring the following items to your appointment:

    • Personal Check or Money Order for $290.00, payable to "Department of Homeland Security."
    • USCIS Form I-539. Download the form from the USCIS web stie.

    • Dependent I-20 (will be issued by your ISSO advisor, refer to step 2 above)
    • Personal Letter to the USCIS - Please have your spouse write a short letter explaining the circumstances and reasons for requesting the change to F-2 status.  If only your children are changing status, you may write a letter for them.  Email a copy to the ISSO advisor who is meeting with you so it can be reviewed before your appointment.
    • Marriage Certificate (if applicable) - Must include an official translation if not already in English.
    • Birth Certificate for each minor child (if applicable) - Must include an official translation if not already in English.
    • Financial Documents - Bring all original financial documentation that you provided to add your dependents to your I-20 if the originals are not already in your file at the ISSO.
    • Proof of Your Current Student Status - Obtain a transcript of all course work completed and certification of your full-time enrollment for the current semester (or for the next semester if currently between semesters of study) from the University Registrar.
    • Your current I-20 and any previous I-20s
    • Passports and I-94 Cards for you and each of your dependents (do not bring copies).

You may be advised during your appointment to obtain additional documentation that will help your specific case before mailing the application to the USCIS.  Mailing instructions will be provided at the time of your appointment.

USCIS Processing
Processing times vary, and it may be several months before a decision is made on the application.  While the application is pending, your dependents may remain in the U.S.  If they leave the U.S. before the application is approved, the application will become invalid.  Please contact your ISSO advisor immediately if your dependents must leave the U.S. before their application for F-2 status is approved.


Boston University
June 23, 2011

Boston University International Students & Scholars Office