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Applying for Curricular Practical Training (CPT)

You must meet with your ISSO advisor to apply for CPT.  Please complete the following steps well in advance of the date you wish to begin employment (applications are also available at the ISSO):

  1. Meet with your internship coordinator to arrange your curricular placement. Graduate students pursuing research off-campus in order to complete their degree should meet with their thesis or dissertation advisor.

  2. After a placement is arranged, have your intern coordinator or thesis/dissertation advisor complete the form entitled "Curricular Practical Training Recommendation for F-1 Students."

  3. Important: If the employment is part of a course, you must register for that course during the semester or summer session for which the CPT will be authorized to take place.  At the time of your CPT appointment, the ISSO must be able to verify in the university registration system that you have registered for the appropriate course.

  4. Schedule an appointment to meet with your ISSO advisor at least two weeks before the start of your proposed employment.  Bring the following to your appointment:

    • Completed CPT Recommendation for F-1 Students
    • Current I-20 and any previous I-20s
    • Passport
    • Form I-94 or print out

Important:  You cannot lawfully begin employment until an ISSO advisor has approved your application and issued you a new I-20 reflecting your Curricular Practical Training employment authorization.  You will also be given a letter outlining the conditions of your Curricular Practical Training.  You should present this letter, along with your I-20 and passport, to your employer.


Boston University
April 1, 2014

Boston University International Students & Scholars Office