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Optional Practical Training Workshops for
May 2006 Graduates

The International Students and Scholars Office will offer four Optional Practical Training workshops in the coming weeks:

Workshop #1 Wednesday, March 1st, at 10:00am at Sargent College (SAR), Room 101
Workshop #2 Wednesday, March 1st, at 5:30pm at the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), Room 522
Workshop #3 Thursday, March 16th, at 5:30pm at Stone (675 Commonwealth Ave) Room B-50
Workshop #4 Friday, March 17th, at 2:00pm at Sargent College (SAR), Room 101
Workshop #5 Wednesday, April 5th, at 5:30pm at School of Medicine(MED), Building A, Bakst Auditorium

Pre-Registration for these workshops is not required.

The workshop will cover eligibility, timelines/deadlines, and the application process. At the end of the workshop, the International Student Advisors will be available should you have any questions.

REMINDER: If you will graduate in May 2006, you MUST submit your OPT application to, and have it received by, the USCIS Vermont Service Center BEFORE May 14, 2006. Once at the USCIS Vermont Service Center, OPT applications may take up to three months to process.

If you plan to apply for OPT, in addition to attending one of the workshops above:

  1. Call the ISSO at 617-353-3565 to make an appointment with your ISSO advisor.

  2. Please read carefully the information found on the following ISSO web page to learn about the OPT application procedure. This information is also available at the ISSO in a handout that includes a sample application form.

  3. Make sure you are registered for January graduation in the University Information System (see web site linked above).

  4. Complete the OPT application (Form I-765) before you meet with your advisor.

  5. When you come to your appointment, please bring the following (as listed in the procedures):

    1. The completed application form (Form I-765)
    2. All I-20s issued to you, even from previous schools
    3. Any previously issued Employment Authorization Documents ("OPT cards")
    4. Check or money order for $180 made payable to "Department of Homeland Security"
    5. Passport and I-94 card (the actual documents, not copies).
    6. Two photographs (see specifications on procedures web page)
    7. A letter from your academic advisor or department if you are still finishing your thesis/dissertation.


Boston University
February 28, 2005

Boston University International Students & Scholars Office