Transferring from Boston University

If you have completed your academic activities at Boston University and wish to transfer to a different school/program, you must contact an ISSO advisor and follow proper transfer procedures before attending the new school/program.

F-1 Status

  • Visit the ISSO and speak with an Advisor on Call (AOC).
  • Fill out the ISSO Transfer Out Form. This form notifies the ISSO of your request to transfer your SEVIS record on the date you specify. By transferring your SEVIS record, you do not have to pay the SEVIS fee again.
  • The ISSO recommends that you have been admitted to the school you wish to transfer to.
  • You must transfer your SEVIS record by the end of your 60-day grace period.

It is then your responsibility to obtain a new I-20 from the school to which you intend to transfer, and to have it processed to complete the transfer of your status.

J-1 Status

  • Visit the ISSO and speak with an Advisor on Call (AOC).
  • You may transfer your status to a different J-1 Exchange Visitor Program sponsor’s DS-2019 as long as you remain in the “student” category. Note that you cannot transfer as a non-degree to a degree student.
  • Inform the ISSO of your intent to transfer to another J-1 Exchange Visitor Program while you continue your studies at Boston University. A Responsible Officer of the new J program must contact the ISSO to request that your SEVIS record be released for transfer.
  • You must transfer your SEVIS record by the end date of your DS-2019.

Once your transfer is approved by the ISSO, it’s your responsibility to make sure you receive a new DS-2019 from the new J-1 Exchange Visitor Program sponsor to complete the transfer—before your Boston University DS-2019 expires and by the start of your new program.

J-1 Status

If you wish to continue your academic objective under the J-1 sponsorship of another program sponsor in the US, you may be eligible to transfer your SEVIS record to the new program sponsor, provided:

  • The new program sponsor is approved by the Department of State to sponsor scholars in the same J-1 category (Research Scholar, Professor, Short-Term Scholar, and Specialist).
  • The transfer is consistent with the goals of the original program objective at Boston University.
  • You are currently in valid program status.
  • The transfer will not extend the stay beyond the permissible time for your category.
  • The transfer occurs before the end date on your DS-2019.

Please contact your ISSO advisor if you are considering transferring to another program.

H-1B Status

If you plan to leave Boston University and begin working for another employer at any point, it’s important that you consult with your new employer, the ISSO, and/or an immigration attorney to be sure you handle the transition in a way that doesn’t violate your immigration status. For example, if the new employer will petition for H-1B approval for the new job, you must continue working at Boston University until the new petition is submitted. Timing and proper procedures are vital to maintaining your status.

Transferring with Employment, Training, or Internships

Students Working On Campus

Your on-campus work authorization ends once you transfer your SEVIS record to the new school.

Students on Optional Practical Training

If you are currently on Optional Practical Training, your work permission will become invalid once you transfer to another school’s I-20, and you will lose any unused portion of your work authorization period.

Students on Academic Training

If you are currently on Academic Training, your authorization will become invalid once you transfer to another J program sponsor’s DS-2019 and you must stop the training activity immediately. You should consult with the Responsible Officer of the new J program about possibilities for any future training or employment.