Volume 5, Number 9

Ocotber 29, 2009

The Communiqué is an on-going series of messages to departments who sponsor international scholars at Boston University. With the Communiqué, we offer information that helps in the processing of scholar immigration-related documents and petitions. We hope you find the Communiqué a useful tool in working with the ISSO and in successfully hiring and sponsoring scholars from around the world. Past Communiqués are archived on our web site. Click here to go to the archive page.

Boston University to Phase in New I-9 Protocol

Responsibility for I-9 Completion to be transferred to the Office of Human Resources

The Office of Human Resources has recently begun using a new electronic system for completion and retention of I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Forms. The new system will centralize record-keeping for I-9 forms, will eliminate the use of paper forms and will assist the University in moving towards better compliance with the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 (IRCA).

ISSO Still Completing I-9s for all New and Continuing International Employees

While the long-term plan will be to transfer responsibility for all I-9s to the Human Resources Office eventually, I-9s for international employees will not be phased in until a later time. For the time being, I-9s for all international employees (including employees in staff, faculty, research and casual positions) continue to be completed by ISSO staff during one of our established I-9 times.

Due to the high volume of ISSO clients, I-9s cannot generally be completed outside of an appointment or established walk-in hours.

New I-9 Protocol to be Implemented in Phases

The new electronic I-9 system will be implemented in phases on the Charles River and Medical Campuses, and will eventually account for different categories of employees (staff, faculty, researchers, casuals), including international employees in each employment category.

The first step in implementation occurred Monday, October 5, 2009, when the Human Resources Offices on the Charles River Campus and the Medical Campus began completing I-9 for all newly hired employees in graded staff positions (US citizens and Lawful Permanent Residents only).

In the coming weeks, Human Resources Office on each campus will assume further responsibility for I-9 records as they continue phase in other employee groups, including US Citizen and Lawful Permanent Resident employees in faculty, research and casual positions. Eventually, Human Resources will also take on responsibility for international employees in all employment categories.

In addition to assuming more responsibility with regard to completing I-9 forms, the Human Resources Office on each campus has also begun centralizing paper I-9s completed on behalf of current and recent Boston University employees.

To view a copy of the HR Memo on modifications to the I-9 procedures at Boston University, please see: http://www.bu.edu/hr/files/documents/Form_I-9_Memo.pdf

For further information from the Office of Human Resources regarding the I-9 transition plan, please refer to their website at: http://www.bu.edu/hr/home/managers-toolkit/on-boarding/i-9-process/
Please note that the new I-9 protocol addressed in this Communiqué refers to the centralization of I-9s currently being done for employee only (staff, faculty, researchers and casuals). A separate I-9 centralization project for student I-9s is expected. However, I-9s for all US citizen and Lawful Permanent Resident student employees continue to be done in the hiring department. I-9s for all international student employees continue to be completed at the ISSO.

Your Scholar Services team,

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M. Andrea Popa
Assistant Director for Scholar Services

Peter F. O’Meara
International Scholar Advisor

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