Volume 3, Number 3

June 14, 2006

The Communiqué is an on-going series of messages to departments who sponsor international scholars at Boston University. With the Communiqué, we offer information that helps in the processing of scholar immigration-related documents and petitions. We hope you find the Communiqué a useful tool in working with the ISSO and in successfully hiring and sponsoring scholars from around the world. Past Communiqués are archived on our web site. Click here to go to the archive page.

ISSO Welcomes a New Assistant Director for Scholar Services

The International Students & Scholars Office is pleased to welcome Andrea Popa to our scholar advising team. Andrea has eleven years of experience in international education, including three years working at the ISSO as an advisor to international students. She previously worked at Eastern Nazarene College in Quincy, MA, and the International School of Bucharest, Romania. Andrea has lived abroad for twelve years in Romania, and Portugal, including the Azores Islands. She holds a Master’s degree in Intercultural Relations from Lesley University, with training in immigration law, international education and immigrant social services. She interned with the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy (MIRA) Coalition. Andrea will oversee scholar services provided by the ISSO, including orientation programs, processing of nonimmigrant employment authorizations, and monitoring institutional compliance regarding the hiring of foreign nationals. She will process employment petitions for H-1B, TN and other visiting scholars and their dependents.

New Scholar Services Assignments

With the expansion of our Scholar Services team, we have restructured responsibilities based on immigration category. General inquiries about sponsoring an international scholar can be addressed to either Andrea or Jill. For questions related to a the processing of a particular scholar’s documents, please contact the appropriate staff member as follows:

J-1 Scholars Jill Ostrowski ostrowj@bu.edu
H-1B Scholars Andrea Popa apopa@bu.edu
TN Scholars Andrea Popa apopa@bu.edu
O-1 Scholars Jeanne Kelley jkelley@bu.edu
All Other Scholars Andrea Popa apopa@bu.edu

Your ISSO Scholar Services Team

Jeanne E. Kelley

M. Andrea Popa
Assistant Director for Scholar Services

Jill M. Ostrowski
International Scholar Advisor