Volume 3, Number 2

April 14, 2006

The Communiqué is an on-going series of messages to departments who sponsor international scholars at Boston University. With the Communiqué, we offer information that helps in the processing of scholar immigration-related documents and petitions. We hope you find the Communiqué a useful tool in working with the ISSO and in successfully hiring and sponsoring scholars from around the world. Past Communiqués are archived on our web site. Click here to go to the archive page.

New J-1 Exchange Visitor Financial Minimums We have updated the minimum funding levels required for J-1 Exchange Visitor sponsorship, as we do each year, based on the Board of Trustees’ Estimates of Academic and Living Expenses. The new figures for 2006-2007 are below. They can also be reviewed on our web site at http://www.bu.edu/isso/scholars/minimum-funding/.

All requests for J-1 sponsorship submitted to the ISSO on or after May 1, 2006 must meet these new minimum requirements.

Background on J-1 Financial Requirements

Before the ISSO can issue a Form DS-2019 for a J-1 Exchange Visitor, we are obligated by law to establish that the scholar has available to her/him the financial means to live in the Boston area for the length of the appointment indicated on Form DS-2019. If dependents will accompany the scholar, we must establish that the funding is sufficient to support them, too.

Funding sources to meet these minimums can include Boston University salary; the scholar’s personal funds (e.g., from a savings account or continued salary from her/his home-country employer); from a personal or organizational sponsor; or even from the scholar’s home government. The funds can come from any source, as long as the source and amount can be clearly documented with original (not copied) bank statements, funding agreements, sponsorship letters, etc.

Adequate funding can also be established through a combination of sources. For example, if the BU department will pay a salary and that salary meets the minimum for the scholar alone but not her husband and child, the scholar might present bank statements to show that she has enough in her savings account to cover the balance.

It is important that you, as a BU department requesting J-1 sponsorship, review the financial documentation before you send the J request package to the ISSO. If the financial minimums are not met, please work with the scholar to obtain further financial assurances and documentation. Once you are certain the scholar’s funding sources are adequate, submit the J request to our office.

Minimum Funding Requirements for Scholars in J-1 Exchange Visitor Status for 2006/2007

Scholar only
$1,802 per month
$21,619 per year

Scholar plus first dependent (spouse or child)
$2,605 per month
$31,264 per year

Scholar plus two dependents
$3,050 per month
$36,601 per year

Scholar plus three dependents
$3,273 per month
$39,272 per year

For each additional dependent beyond three, add
$223 per month
$2,671 per year

Your ISSO Scholar Services Team

Jeanne E. Kelley

James Leck
Associate Director

Jill M. Ostrowski
International Scholar Advisor