Volume 1, Number 1

October 4, 2004

Greetings from the ISSO scholar services team!

This is the first in on-going series of messages to departments who sponsor international scholars at Boston University. With the Communiqué, we will offer information that will help make more effective — and streamline — the processing of scholar immigration-related documents and petitions. We hope you find the Communiqué a useful tool in working with the ISSO and in successfully hiring and sponsoring scholars from around the world.

Spotlight on J Funding

When completing the ISSO Form A (http://www.bu.edu/isso/files/pdf/Form-A-1-2015-Fillable.pdf), please specify the amount of funding the scholar will receive under “Annual Salary,” regardless of the source of the funds. Under “the salary will be paid by,” please specify the source of the funding by checking the appropriate box and filling in the blank line if you check “Other.”

Supporting financial documents are required as follows

  • For scholars who are funded by BU, an appointment letter including the salary details is required. Please see the Department Checklist at http://www.bu.edu/isso/administrators/checklist/index.html for information on the appointment letters ISSO is able to accept.
  • For scholars who are funded by personal funds, an original personal bank statement (translated into English and converted to U.S. dollars). If the bank account is not in the scholar’s name, a sponsor letter from the account holder is required. The letter should specify that amount being pledged.
  • For scholars who are funded by “other” funds, such as a grant from the home institution or by government funds, a letter or appropriate, original financial statement from the sponsoring institution (translated into English and converted to U.S. dollars).

Please note the specific minimum funding requirements in the J Exchange Visitor Overview found on the ISSO website at http://www.bu.edu/isso/files/pdf/ev_overview.pdf. It is vital that the department make certain, before sending the application to the ISSO, that the scholar is covered for the minimum funding amounts. ISSO also accepts funding from multiple sources on the condition that, in total, the scholar is covered for the minimum.

We hope this information is helpful and clarifies some questions on completing J document requests.

As always, if there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to call us at (617) 353-3565 or to e-mail Naomi Moca at njmoca@bu.edu or James Leck at jleck@bu.edu.

Your ISSO Scholar Services Team

James Leck
Assistant Director for Scholar Services

Naomi Moca
International Scholar Advisor