Frequently Asked Questions about Semester Verification

Q: Which students need to complete the “semester verification”?

A: An international student at BU is defined as a part-time or full-time student taking classes who is not a US citizen or U.S. Permanent Resident. Every new international student MUST complete an initial check-in with the ISSO at the beginning of an academic program. This includes all graduate, undergraduate, non-degree, certificate, diploma, special or exchange students. This also includes continuing BU students who are beginning a new level of study at BU.

Every continuing international student in F-1 immigration status must then complete “semester verification” at their school or college beginning in their second semester on campus until they complete their academic program. Students in immigration classifications other than F-1 must check-in with the ISSO at the start of an academic program however, they are not required to complete semester verification each semester thereafter.

Q: Does the student need to present documentation (i.e. passport, license or BU ID) to complete semester verification?

A: No, the picture appearing on the screen should allow the administrator to identify the student.

Q: Should I complete “semester verification” for students who I “think” may have returned for the semester but who have not yet presented themselves for “semester verification”.

A: NO. Students must initiate the verification and be responsible for making certain they complete the verification every semester to verify their physical presence on-campus.

Q: When should the “semester verification” be completed?

A: Students can begin the verification two weeks prior to the start of classes until the standard “add” deadline for the Charles River campus (approximately 2 weeks after classes begin).

Q: Will the school and college administrators be able to run lists and reports to determine who has checked in from their school or college?

A: Yes, UIS has designed reporting tools on the “Faculty/Staff link” to monitor the verification progress in the departments.

Instructions are located on the ISSO website at

Q: Can I complete the “semester verification” for students from all schools or colleges at BU?

A: Yes, Students will also be able to complete “semester verification” at a few central administrative locations at both the Charles River and the Medical School campuses.

Q: Is it possible that a student’s record may have more than one warning message?

A: YES, In some circumstances, a student may have multiple, concurrent messages. In most cases, the student should contact their advisor at the ISSO.

Q: Should I complete ‘semester verification” for students who are registered for the semester but not physically present in the Boston area?

A: NO, Students completing any academic work outside of the Boston area should contact his/her ISSO Advisor to complete “semester verification”.

Q: Do I automatically have the UIS permissions I need to complete the “semester verification”?

A: Administrators must have authorization from ISSO to gain access to the semester verification screen. If you need access, please send an email to to request access to semester verification. Your message must include your name, address, school, department, email, UIS Userid and the academic level of students for whom you will be completing semester verification. You must then request ISSS permission from your department DSA to gain access to “Semester Verification”.