Research Areas

The research conducted by IDS faculty and students covers a broad spectrum of problems, from advanced theory to practical algorithm implementation, in the following areas:

  • Machine Learning, Big Data, and Analytics
  • Computational Imaging and Inverse Problems
  • Decision and Estimation Theory
  • Signal, Image and Video Processing
  • Biological and Medical Imaging
  • Computational and Systems Biology
  • Medical Informatics
  • Sensor Networks
  • Communication and Information Theory
  • Network Security
  • Multi-Agent Systems

Research in these areas finds application in a wide range of societal needs such as disease detection and treatment, ecological and environmental monitoring, finance, information authentication and privacy, robotics and industrial automation, supply-chain management, smart-lighting, transportation, video surveillance and analytics, and wired and wireless communication networks (see research projects for details). This forms the nucleus of exciting and challenging study and thesis work at the Doctoral (PhD), Master’s (MS and MEng), and Bachelor’s (BS) levels with abundant financial support from the government and industry.