23 IDS MS students graduate

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May 18th, 2010

On May 16, 2010 a total of 23 IDS students were awarded their Master of Science diplomas at the 57-th College of Engineering Commencement.

  • Boisvert, Anne Y. (advisor: Prof. H. Nawab)
  • Brinkman, Gregory R.
  • Eger, Limor (advisor: Prof. W.C. Karl)
  • Huss, Andrew D. (advisor: Prof. D.  Castañón)
  • Li, Binbin (advisor: Prof. Y. Paschalidis)
  • Liu, Yuting (advisor: Prof. T.D.C. Little)
  • Lu, Xuanming (advisor: Prof. T.D.C. Little)
  • Martini, James (advisor: Prof. P. Ishwar)
  • Mohan, Hari S. Mohan (advisors: Prof. T.D.C. Little, and Prof. M. Betke (CS))
  • O’Malley, Alison M. (advisor: Prof. D. Castañón)
  • Ozkan, Huseyin (advisors: Prof. J. Konrad and Prof. V. Saligrama)
  • Palsson, Gunnar T. (advisor: Prof. V. Saligrama)
  • Pan, Yili (advisor: Prof. T.D.C. Little)
  • Pegors, Katherine L. (advisor: Prof. W. C. Karl)
  • Price, Gregary B. (advisor: Prof. D. Castañón)
  • Rana, Kunjan D. (advisor: Prof. V. Saligrama)
  • Shah, Kandarp J. (advisor: Prof. T.D.C. Little)
  • Shivashankar, Nagaraja (advisor: Prof. V. Saligrama)
  • Tuysuzoglu, Ahmet (advisor: Prof. W.C. Karl)
  • Wang, Yun (advisor: Prof. T.D.C. Little)
  • Williams, Richard E. (advisor: Prof. D. Castañón)
  • Wu, Huan-Yu (advisors: Prof. J. Konrad and Prof. P. Ishwar)
  • Zorn, Elena Choi Loya (advisors: Prof. J. Konrad and Prof. P. Ishwar)

Congratulations to all our graduates!