How to Travel

Taxis are widely available throughout Boston, but the city’s public transit system (the MBTA) is convenient and easy to navigate.

MBTA fares are $2.00 per train ride and $1.50 per bus ride using cash or a paper ticket. Discounted rates ($1.70/train, $1.25/bus) are available with a plastic “Charlie Card.” These can be obtained at most MBTA train stops, including the Airport station. Ask an operator for a card, which can then be loaded with the value of your choice at one of the machines outside the turnstiles. Alternatively, a 7-day paper pass can be purchased at the machines for $15.

From Logan International Airport into Boston: From your terminal, catch a free shuttle bus (#22, #33, or #55) to the Airport station on the MBTA Blue Line. Take the Blue Line inbound (toward Bowdoin.) Exit at Government Center and change to the Green Line. Most local hotels are along this line; you can use the MBTA’s online trip planner to find the best stop for your destination. For direct service to Boston University, be sure to wait for a “B” train (the Green Line splits into four branches) and exit at the BU Central stop.

MBTA service to Boston University is available near all area hotels. Exit at the BU Central stop on the “B” branch of the Green Line.