ISLE 2 Archive

You will find a selection of talks from the ISLE 2 meeting here. Many thanks to those who have submitted their talks to our archive! If you presented at ISLE 2 and would like to archive your talk on this site, please send it in .pdf form to

Archived talks are listed alphabetically by last name of first author.

Zhiming Bao – Systemic nature of substratum transfer

Dagmar Barth-Weingarten – The participant perspective: Interactional-linguistic work on the phonetics of talk-in-interaction

Alexander Bergs – On how to integrate context into grammar

Zeltia Blanco-Suárez – Death-related intensifiers: Grammaticalization and related phenomena in the evolution of the intensifiers “dead” and “deadly”

Laurel Brinton – The extremes of insubordination: Exclamatory “As if!”

Lynn Clark & Kevin Watson – Capturing listeners’ real-time reactions to the NURSE~SQUARE merger

David Denison – ISLE highlights?

Stefan Diemer – Corpus Linguistics with Google?

Katie Drager & Jennifer Hay – Mergers in production and perception

Marion Elenbaas – Tracing grammaticalisation in English light verbs: A corpus-based study

Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine (mitcho) – The constituency of hyperlinks in a hypertext corpus

Robert Fuchs & Ulrike Gut – Progressive aspect in Nigerian English

Henrik Hakala & Niina Hynninen – Lexical and Accent Accomodation in ELF Interaction

Lauren Hall-Lew – Interpreting flip-flop patterns in vowel mergers-in-progress

Laurence Horn – Etymythology and Taboo

Úrsula Kirsten Torrado – Development of SMS Language from 2000 to 2010: A comparison of two corpora

Bill Kretzschmar – Student participation in the Linguistic Atlas Project

María José López-Couso – Observing, describing, and analyzing grammaticalization and related processes of language change through corpus linguistics

Stephen Lucek – Invariant tags in Irish English: A corpus-based analysis

Warren Maguire, Lynn Clark, & Kevin Watson – What are mergers?

Christian Mair – World Non-Standard Englishes

Britta Mondorf – Leg it, floor it, snuff it: A synchronic and diachronic analysis of dummy “it”

Terttu Nevalainen, Tanja Säily, & Harri Siirtola – Tools for comparing corpora: Text Variation Explorer (TVE)

Javier Perez-Guerra – Pairing word order with headedness in the history of English

Manfred Sailer – Word doubling in New Englishes

Tanja Säily – Sociolinguistic variation in morphological productivity in 18th-century English

Susanne Stegmayr & Daphné Kerremans – Neologisms on the Internet

Anne Wichmann & Nicole Dehe – Prosodic analysis