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Perspectives: Sustainability After COVID-19

Are there ways a company or even an individual can get more active with sustainability programs in their communities? What are the business opportunities or benefits of committing to sustainability actions? Can driving climate action initiatives be good business? Excerpted follow-up questions from the OAAA Lunch Break Series with Sarah Finnie Robinson, ISE Senior Fellow […]

COVID-19 Lessons for Dealing with Uncertainty, to 2020 Graduates

As we navigate COVID-19, Sarah Finnie Robinson shares 10 valuable lessons we’re learning now for dealing with a global emergency to address other immense challenges, like climate change. “Like any epic villain, this wicked virus helps us realize what we do know, and what we can do to make things better.”—Suffield Academy 187th Commencement Speaker, […]

Climate Communications 101: the Trusted Messenger

An entire climate communications strategy flows from this one simple principle: People believe people whom they trust, and they’re more likely to act based on the recommendation of that influential other person. Communications experts call this the Trusted Messenger principle, and it’s proven especially effective on the topic of climate change. Friends, family, and co-workers […]