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The High Price of Putting America First

January 29th, 2018in Thoughts

This article appeared originally on Beacon Broadside. By Philip Warburg Donald Trump’s much-touted tariff on imported solar panels and cells couldn’t be a worse fit for America’s energy needs. Instead of accelerating our use of solar power, it will discourage the development of this clean energy resource and rein in the growth of solar... More

Why solar ‘microgrids’ are not a cure-all for Puerto Rico’s power woes

January 2nd, 2018in Thoughts

In addition to its many other devastating human consequences, Hurricane Maria left the island of Puerto Rico with its power grid in ruins. Power was knocked out throughout the island, with an estimated 80 percent of its transmission and distribution wires incapacitated. When hospitals and other critical users could not get backup... More

Perspective: Navigating an Uncertain Future for US Roads

November 8th, 2017in ISE News, Thoughts

Originally published by John Paul Helveston on Issues in Science & Technology. The last time the automotive industry in the United States experienced rapid technological change was more than a century ago. In 1900, the industry (whose primary competitor was the horse) comprised 40% steam-powered, 38% electric-powered, and 22% gasoline-powered vehicles. After the advent of... More

Vehicle Electrification in China: Preferences, Policy, and Technology Trajectories

November 1st, 2017in ISE News, Thoughts

Harvard Kennedy School Energy Policy Seminar Series, Fall 2017 By Louisa Lund, Program Director, Consortium for Energy Policy Research In the past few years, China has become the world’s biggest market for electric vehicles. At the same time, independent Chinese companies have come to dominate plug-in electric vehicle sales within China. In... More

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ISE Director Peter Fox-Penner On Clean Energy Projects, Research & More

September 20th, 2017in ISE News, Thoughts

Peter Fox-Penner is a Professor of Practice in the Questrom School of Business and the Director of Boston University’s Institute for Sustainable Energy. His research and writing interests are in the areas of electric power strategy, regulation, and governance; energy and climate policy; and the relationships between public and private economic activity, including corporate social... More

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The Kelsey Cascadia Rose Juliana decision: A Ray of Light

November 17th, 2016in ISE News, Thoughts

Rick Reibstein, Lecturer, Environmental Law and Policy, Boston University November 14, 2016 On November 10, while we were all still absorbing the fact that the Republican candidate had won, Professor John Bonine of the University of Oregon School of Law and moderator of the Environmental Law Professor’s listserv, posted this message: “Professor Mary... More

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“Disruptive Energy Futures”: Envisioning a low-carbon economy in 2050

September 23rd, 2016in Thoughts

By Jacquie Ashmore / September 23, 2016 I started work at the Institute for Sustainable Energy two weeks ago, and have been in a whirlwind of introductions to exciting projects and notable experts!  Highlights include learning about the Institute’s work with the Green Ribbon Commission, identifying how to reduce the city’s... More

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