On-Demand Webinar: Enhancing Social Equity in City Climate Action & Sustainability Planning

Based on a synthesis of expertise and analysis of local climate-action options and current research, we address: Why local climate action needs more urgency, not less. How the pandemic response creates opportunities and risks for local climate action. How socially vulnerable populations can benefit from purposeful responses to the pandemic and climate change.

The Boston University Institute for Sustainable Energy (ISE) in partnership with the Northeast Clean Energy Council (NECEC) tackle these pressing questions in our Energy of the Future webinar series.

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Jacquie Ashmore, ISE Executive Director


  • Cutler Cleveland, ISE Associate Director and Professor, Earth & Environment at Boston University
  • Jon Levy, ISE Affiliated Faculty and Professor, Environmental Health, Boston University School of Public Health
  • Shalanda Baker, Professor of Law, Public Policy and Urban Affairs, Northeastern University School of Law
  • Leah Bamberger, Director of Sustainability, City of Providence
  • Monica Huertas, Co-coordinator, Providence Race & Environmental Justice Committee

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