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Volume III, No 3 (January-February 1993)

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From the Database

Some groups (fraktsii) have fewer than 50 members, although according to the official Parliamentary Rules (Reglament) 50 is the minimum number of deputies for constituting a parliamentary group. The list also includes several professional groups that do not possess official fraktsia status. The list is divided into two columns: the first column focuses on the group's name, membership, and leadership (i.e., members of an elected coordinating council or other official steering body); the second column provides a description of its political orientation and agenda.


Name and Membership Political Orientation and Agenda
Democratic Russia (Demokraticheskaya Rossiya--DemRossiya); 67 members; L.A. Ponomarev, Yu. S. Sergeyev, S.P. Shustov, V.V. Volkov. The principal democratic constitutional group supporting Yel'tsin government. Opposed to concessions to more nationalistic policies and subsidization of state industry (as advocated by Civic Union).
Radical Democrats (Radikal'nye demokraty); 41 members; V.A. Denisenko, M. Ye. Sal'ye, A. Ye.Shabad, V.K. Varov, S.N. Yushenko, G.I. Zadonsky. Liberal democratic group advocating strong constitutional rights and liberalization of economy. With DemRossiya, component of "Democratic Choice" (Demvybor) bloc.
"Cooperation" Group (Gruppa "Sotrudnichestvo"); 53 members; no officially elected leadership. Reformist, progovernment group, generally supports Demvybor.
Left Center (Levy tsentr); 52 members; S.V. Stepashin, D.A. Volkogonov.
Social democratic group: advocates democratic reforms of political system combined with degree of state regulation of economy.
Non-Party Deputies(Bespartiinye deputaty); 39 members; B.N. Formozov, V.O. Ispravnikov, V.I. Novikov, Yu.A. Yudin. Reformist democratic group: less committed to liberalization of the economy than DemRossiya.
Free Russia(Svobodnaya Rossiya); 58 members; V.M. Adrov, I.V. Vinogradova. Proreform group advocates less rapid privatization of economy than DemRossiya, and preservation of "social guarantees" (despite inflationary impact)
Sovereignty and Equality (Suverenitet i ravenstvo); 50 members; U.Ye. Temirov.
Supports giving full national autonomy to RF republics while maintaining the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation.
New Shift (New Policy) (Smena--Novaya politika); 40 members; A.Ye. Golovin, P.Kh. Lysov, I.N. Mozgo, I.V. Murav'yov, V.A. Shuykov.
Advocates continued state support and regulation of industry. Component of Civic Union bloc; wants changes in government to lessen drive for liberalization of the economy.
Industrial Union(Promyshlenny soyuz); 71 members; V.V. Bespalov, Yu.G. Gekht.
Represents interests of managers of state industries, advocates governmental financial support of heavy industry. Component of Civic Union bloc.
Workers Union of Russia(Rabochi soyuz Rossii); 41 members; S.N. Andropov, V.V. Chernov, A.Ye.Kosonkin. Represents workers' interests in combating accelerated privatization, opposes breakup of state-run industry. Component of Civic Union bloc.
FNPR Group (Federation Independent Trade Union Workers)(Gruppa FNPR--Federatsiya nezavisi-mykh profsoyuznykh rabotniov); 95 members; K.M.Doyev. Proworkers trade union group opposed to radical privatization, supports state supervision of industry and maintenance of "social guarantees."
Health Workers' Group (Gruppa meditskinskikh rabotnikov); 52 members; no officially elected leaders. Professional group advocating government support of "state sector" and health care.
Civic Society(Grazhdanskoe obshchestvo); 50 members; M.B. Chelnokov (unofficial leader). Neosocialist group opposed to Yel'tsin government. Component of Russian Unity bloc.
Agrarian Union (Agrarny soyuz); 148 members; M.I. Lapshin, A.G. Nazarchuk, V.S. Nikiforov, A.A. Ponomarev, V.S. Zakharov. Neocommunist group, component of opposition Russian Unity bloc. Aims to preserve socialist agriculture, collective farms.
Russia(Rossiya); 46 members; S.N. Baburin, N.A.Pavlov, V.A. Serdyukov. Nationalistic, neocommunist group; advocates state supervision of heavy industry. Component of Russian Unity opposition bloc.
Fatherland (Otchizna); 52 members; A.F. Bazarov. Russian "national-patriot" group opposed to government's pro-Western foreign policy and to its reformist economic policy. Component of Russian Unity bloc.
Communists of Russia (Kommunisty Rossii) 55 members; I.M. Bratishchev, V.V. Kalashnikkov, B.G. Kibirev, N.I. Mal'kov, I.P. Rybkin, G.V. Sayenko, A.S. Sokolov. Neocommunist group advocating retention of socialist economy. Component of Russian Unity bloc.

1 Data supplied by Supreme Soviet Deputy Lev A. Ponomarev, leader of DemRossiya. Descriptions of political orientation and agenda added by Perspective.

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