Designation  Strength
 Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) Rushailo, Vladimir B

 Ministry of Civil Defense (MChS)

Shoigu, Sergei K.


 Ministry of Defense (MO)

Sergeev, Igor D.


 Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR)

Lebedev, Sergei N.


 Federal Border Service (FPS)

Totsky, Konstantin V.


 *Federal Security Service (FSB)

Patrushev, Nikolai P.


 Federal Service of Railroad Troops (FSZhV)

Kogatko, Grigori I.


 Federal Service of Tax Police (FSNP)

Soltaganov, Vyacheslav F.


 Federal Protective Service (FSO)

Murov, Evgeny A.


 Federal Agency for Communications and Information (FAPSI)

Matyukhin, Vladimir G.

 TOTAL  2,108,800
 The agencies underlined would be amalgamated under the plan.
 Sources: Galina Kozhevnikova and Pavel Gazukin, Silovye struktury Rossii (Moscow: Panorama, 2000), pp. 8-48 of 2nd rev. edition; Andrei Maksimov, Kto pravit v rossiiskoi federatsii (Moscow: Izdaniya Maksimova, 2000/2001), pp. 34-142
 * The FSB Special Assignment Center includes Directorate A (former Alpha Group) and Directorate V (ex-Vympel Group), with regional departments for special services in eleven cities to combat terrorism and organized crime.