Flawed Succession :

Russia's Power Transfer Crises

Uri Ra'anan (editor); Forward by Robert Conquest.
Lexington Books, 2006

This authoritative study examines Russia's four key succession crises: after Stalin's death, throughout Khrushchev's primacy, during the implosion of the USSR, and with Putin's ascent to power. The distinguished authors argue that the common denominator has been the absence of a transparent, non-arbitrary, and lawful mechanism for the transfer of political power. Consequently, contenders for leadership have engaged in vicious power struggles followed by pseudo-legitimation of the victor. As Moscow reemerges as a major international actor, its unpredictability domestically triggers after shocks well beyond Russia's borders. Drawing on newly available primary sources, this book provides essential insights for practitioners and students of policy alike.

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Table of Contents


Foreword: R. Conquest

Preface: U. Ra’anan


Part I – Sic Transit: Stalin’s Heirs
U. Ra’anan

Part II – Khrushchev: An Era of Coups
C. Linden

Part III – One of a Kind: The Gorbachev-to-Yel’tsin Transition
J. Dunlop

Part IV – The 18th Brumaire of Vladimir Putin
S. Blank

Epilogue: U. Ra’anan


List of Contributors