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The following review appeared in the Library Journal (May 1, 1996)

Russia: A Return to Imperialism?

St Martin's 1996 199p
ed by Uri Ra'anan and Kate Martin
index, ISBN 0-312-12927-0 $45
International Affairs

This timely, well organized collection of essays by authors from academia, jounalism, and the diplomatic corps offers a sobering picture of Russia's efforts to maintain a hold on the former Soviet republics (the "Near Abroad") and to prevent the former Warsaw Pact countries from joining NATO. The stage is set by essays on the domestic political sources of these "neoimperialist" tendencies and the Russians' use of "peacekeeping" forces in former Soviet republics as a tool of domination, followed by specific analyses of Russian actions region by region to subvert the newly independent regimes. The final three contributors focus on the Western response, or lack thereof, which even the most even-handed of these experts sees as at least myopic and perhaps likely to result in a new Cold War. For specialists and well-informed readers. -- Robert Decker, Palo Alto, Cal

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