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Publication Series


No. 12 (June 1996)

"The Puzzles of 'Patriotic' Communism: Gennadi Zyuganov, The Russian Milosevic?"
Miriam Lanskoy, "Introduction"
Alexander Yanov, "The Puzzles of 'Patriotic' Communism: Gennadi Zyuganov, The Russian Milosevic?"

No. 11 (August 1993)

"Ethnic Resurgence in the Post-Communist Era"
Prof. Uri Ra'anan, LtCol Robert L. Leininger

No. 10 (June 1993)

"Military Policy in China and NATO Today"
Dr. Keith Armes, "Introduction"
Admiral William D. Smith, "NATO at the Crossroads"
Admiral Eric McVadon, "Chinese Security Policy in Post-Soviet World: A Case for a Sino-US Military Relationship"

No. 9 (July 1992)

"Religious Life in Russia"
Dr. Keith Armes, "Russian Patriarchate and Communist Caesar"
Rev. Canon Michael Bourdeaux, "Religion and the Collapse of the Soviet System"

No. 8 (June 1991)

"Soviet Psychiatry Today"
Dr. Keith Armes, "Introduction"
Semyon Gluzman, "An Insane Country: An Interview with Semyon Gluzman"
Mark G. Field, "Soviet Psychiatric Abuse: Are Post-Mortems Premature"

No. 7 (May 1991)

"Changing Patterns of Soviet Political Discourse - 1985 to the Present"
Keith Armes, "Introduction"
Wolf Moskovich and Elliot Mossman, "Changing Patterns of Soviet Political Discourse - 1985 to the Present"

No. 6 (April 1991)

Harry G. Gelber, "National Power, Security and Economic Uncertainty"

No. 5 (October 1990)

"Gorbachev Observed"
Keith Armes, "Introduction"
Bernard Margueritte, "The Grand Failure of Mikhail Gorbachev"
Viktor Danilenko, "Political Reform in the Soviet Union and the Creation of a Rechtsstaat"

No. 4 (June 1990)

"The Public Health Crisis in Communist Systems"
Keith Armes, "Introduction"
Murray Feshbach, "The Health Crisis in the USSR"
Andrzej Milczanowski, "The Health Crisis in Poland"
William H. Anderson, "AIDS in Cuba"

No. 3 (April 1990)

"Soviet People's Deputies Speak"
Dr. Keith Armes, "Introduction"
Yuri D. Chernichenko, "People's Deputy"
Mecys M. Laurinkus, "People's Deputy"

No. 2 (October 1990)

"The Munich Diktat: Fifty Years After"
Igor Lukes, "Introduction"
William Keylor, "Great Britain, France and the Munich Settlement: Foreign Policy and National Deterrent"
Igor Lukes, "Stalin's Diplomatic Maneuvers During the 1938 Czechoslovak Crisis"
Erazim Kohak, "The Munich Dictate: A Moral Point of View"

No. 1 (December 1989)

"The USSR: What Do We Know and How Do We Know It?"
Uri Ra'anan, "Introduction"
Dr. Robert Conquest, "Knowing the Soviet Union: The Historical Dimension"
Ambassador Edward Rowny, "Negotiating With the Soviet Union: What is Knowable?"
Professor Sidney Hook, "Knowing the Soviet Union: The Ideological Dimension"