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Volume XX

No. 3 (May 2010)
Ra'anan Uri, "Letter from the Founder"
Blank, Stephen, "Presidential Succession: The Achilles Heel of Russian Politics"

No. 2 (February 2010)
Peters, Rita, "Diaspora-Kinstate Phenomenon in Baltic-Russian Relations"
Henderson, Creelea, "Shifting Sands on Central Asia: Geopolitics of Natural Gas Flows"

No. 1 (October 2009)
Ra'anan, Uri, "Elusive Legitimacy: State and Regime in the Post-Soviet Arena"

Volume XIX

No. 1 (April 2009)
Felgenhauer, Pavel, "A profound change in the Russian Military may be happening as the power of the General Staff is undermined"

Blank, Stephen, "What does Moscow want in Afghanistan?"

Volume XVIII

No. 4 (October 2008)
Blank, Stephen, "Russia's War on Georgia: The Domestic Context"

Henderson, Creelea, "Gazprom: Friend to the Friendless"

No. 3 (May 2008)
Blank, Stephen, "Russia's Mid-East Role"

Adami, Fabian, "Book Review--Comrade J; The Untold Secrets Of Russia's Master Spy In America After The End Of The Cold War"

No. 2 (February 2008)
Felgenhauer, Pavel, "Kremlin-Military Relations in Transition"

Northrup, Carol, "Book Review--Bioviolence: Preventing Biological Terror and Crime"
Goltz, Thomas, "Book Review--The Oil and the Glory: The pursuit of empire and fortune on the Caspian Sea"

No. 1 (November-December 2007)
Ponomarev, Lev, "Revival of the GULAG? Putin's Penitentary System "

Volume XVII

No. 4 (July-August 2007)
Blank, Stephen, "Russia Targets Missile Defense"
Angley, Robyn, "Book Review--Georgia Diary: A Chronicle of War and Political Chaos in the Post-Soviet Caucasus"

No. 3 (May-June 2007)
Felgenhauer, Pavel, "Russian Military: After Ivanov"
Malik, Zamon, "Karimov's Dilemma"
Goltz, Thomas, "Book Review: The Chechen (book) Problem Solved"

No. 2 (March-April 2007)
Blank, Stephen, "Black Sea Rivalry"
Heathershaw, John, "The Tulip Fades: "Revolution" and repercussions in Kyrgyzstan"

No. 1 (October-November 2006)
Felgenhauer, Pavel, "Delusions in US-Russian Relations"
Ra'anan, Uri, "Book Review: Rule of the Siloviki"
Rosenberger, Chandler, "Book Review: Cold War Revisited"

Volume XVI

No. 3 (May 2006)
Blank, Stephen, "China's Energy Crossroads "
Verbitz, Max, "Russian-Chinese Military Cooperation: Can a Bear Trust a Dragon?"

No. 2 (March 2006)
Cavan, Susan, "The 2008 Succession: Fact or Fiction? "
Adami, Fabian, "The Double-Headed Tulip: Kyrgyzstan's Revolution"

No. 1 (October-November 2005)
Blank, Stephen, "Hysteria la Kyiv"
Felgenhauer, Pavel, "Russia's Imperial General Staff"
Rosenberger, Chandler, "Book Review: Sympathy for the Devil"

Volume XV

No. 2 (February-March 2005)
Lynch, Tammy, "Orange Revolution: The Prehistory"
Ruzaliev, Odil, "Elections in Uzbekistan: Neither Orange nor Rose"

No. 1 (October-November 2004)
Felgenhauer, Pavel, "Degredation of the Russian Military: General Anatoli Kvashnin"
Khakamada, Irina, "Russia's Democratic Movement: Guilt by Association"
Montgomery, David W., "Dissertation Perspectives: Central Asia"

Volume XIV

No. 4 (June-July 2004)
Abdullaev, Timur, "Uzbekistan Manuevers"
Lyons, Paul J., CDR, "Capsule Review"
Vaillant, Janet, "Revised...Again: The Politics of History"
Verbitz, Max, "Contributor's Clarifications"

No. 3 (March-April 2004)
Staar, Richard, "Siloviki Inside"
Verbitz, Max, "New Russia (In an Old Trap)"

No. 2 (January-February 2004)
Felgenhauer, Pavel, "Military Doctrine or Election Manifesto: The Ivanov Doctrine"
Roy, Sergei, "Another View: The Splendor and Misery of the Russian Press"

No. 1 (October-November 2003)
Blank, Stephen, "Benign Hegemony?: Russia's Grand Delusion"
Ponomarev, Lev, "Myths and Reality: The Russian Leadership & Chechnya"
Shapiro, Ariela, "Why not 99% ? :Elections a la Chechnya"

Volume XIII

No. 4 (March-April 2003)
Kwast, Steve, "Russia Pressures Southern Neighbors"
Hall, Michael, "Tajikistan: The Mirage of Stability"

No. 3 (January-February 2003)
Chiharro, Rustam, "More Questions about Terrorism"
Devdariani, Jaba, "Georgia on a Fault Line"
Suleymanov, Elin, "Short-Term vs. Long-term Interests"

No. 2 (November-December 2002)
Blank, Stephen, "Arms Sales, Soviet Style"
Izmailov, Vyacheslav, "The Drama Behind 'Nord-Ost' "

No. 1 (September-October 2002)
Devdariani, Jaba, "Georgia Reacts to Russian Pressure"
Felgenhauer, Pavel, "Who Will be Russia's Best Friend?"
Kaliyev, Roustam, "Can 'Power Ministries' Be Reformed?"

Volume XII

No. 4 (March-February 2002)
Felgenhauer, Pavel, "Arms Exports & The Russian Military,"
Areshidze, Irakly G., "Helping Georgia?"
Lynch, Tammy M., "Post-election Ukraine: What Next?"

No. 3 (January-February 2002)
Blank, Stephen, "Should NATO Invite the Baltic States?"
Naletova, Inna, "Religion, the State and Civil Society,"

No. 2 (November-December 2001)
Staar, Richard F., "Russia's New Politburo?"
Hall, Michael A., "Central Asia Takes Center Stage"
Roshchin, Mikhail, "Rhetoric Clouds 'War on Terrorism'"

No. 1 (September-October 2001)
Berman, Ilan, "Slouching Toward Eurasia?"
Felgenhauer, Pavel, "Russia's Secret Operations"
Kaliyev, Roustam, "Chechen Reality: GRU vs. FSB"
Kaliyev, Roustam, "The Particulars of a 'Cleansing'"

Volume XI

No. 4 (March-April 2001)
Lynch, Tammy, "Kuchmagate's Collateral Damage"
Pain, Dr. Emil, "Republics Resist Centralization"

No. 3 (January-February 2001)
Goltz, Thomas, "Georgia on the Brink"
Rubenstein, Joshua, "Anti-Semitic Acts Ignored"
Staar, Richard F., "Toward a Police State?"

No. 2 (November-December 2000)
Izmailov, Vyacheslav, "The Babitsky Trial: Rule of Law?
Kakachia, Kornely K., "Will GUUAM & EEC Bury the CIS?"
Miller, Sarah K. and Miller, Richard, "Strategic Arms Control: Russia Takes the Offensive"

No. 1 (September-October 2000)
Felgenhauer, Pavel, "Tragedy Keeps Paranoia Afloat"
Kovalev, Sergei, "After Kosovo and Chechnya "
Roshchin, Mikhail, "Dagestan & the War Next Door"

Volume X

No. 4 (March-April 2000)
Felgenhauer, Pavel, "Chechnya: Russia's Forces Unreconstructed"
Pustintsev, Boris, "Russia's Media: Back to the USSR"
Staar, Richard,"KGB & Other Buddies in Putin Apparat"

No. 3 (January-February 2000)
Martin-Bittman, Lawrence M., "Disinforming the Public"
Sadchikov,Aleksandr, "Alliances, Russian-style"
Waller, Michael, "Portrait of Putin's Past"

No. 2 (November-December 1999)
Lanskoy, Miriam, "Can OSCE Cope with the Caucasus"
Rotar, Igor, "Chechen Spark - Caucasian Powderkeg"
Sedov, Leonid, "Gauging the Media's Influence"

No. 1 (September-October 1999)
Sadchikov, Alexander, "Perks and Privileges for Russian MPs"
Staar, Richard F., "Funding Russia's Rearmament"


Volume IX

No. 4 (March-April 1999)
Afanas'ev, Yuri, "Russian Imperial Policy: Tsars — Bolsheviks — Primakov"
Drummond, Fred, "Russian Navy Listing, but Afloat"
Pustintsev, Boris, "Kafka's World: FSB and 'Law'"
Rosenberger, Chandler, "Russia's 'Little Slav Brother'?"
Letters to the Editor

No. 3 (January-February 1999)
Knight, Amy, "US POWs and Russian Archives"
Lanskoy, Miriam, "Power, Policy & Political Parties: Interview with Boris Nemtsov"
Proshechkin, Yevgeni, "Fascism Gets Boost from Communists"

No. 2 (November-December 1998)
Staar, Richard F., "Russia's Military Corruption in the Higher Ranks"
Tolz, Vera, "'Creating' a Russian Nation"
"Bullets Silence Voice of Reason," An Appreciation of Galina Starovoitova
"From The Database," Interview with Mikhail Poltoranin

No. 1 (September-October 1998)
Alibek, Ken, "Behind the Mask: Biological Weapons"
Rumyantsev, Oleg G.," 'Impeachment': Russian Style"
Thurman, Michael DeMar, "Regions Carp as Center Flounders"

Volume VIII

No. 4 (March-April 1998)
Khutsishvili, George, "Georgia: A Country Between Assaults"
Magomedkhanov, Magomedkhan, "Dagestan: Rents in the Fabric of Government"
Varfolomeyev, Oleg, "Ukraine: Forging a New Path"

No. 3 (January-February 1998)
Staar, Richard F., "Russia's National Security Concept"
Zhukov, Yuri N., "Russia's Archives: Opportunities & Restrictions"

No. 2 (November-December 1997)
Rosenberger, Chandler, "Moscow's Multipolar Mission"
Rotar, Igor, "State of Disunion"
From the Database: Oil in the Caucasus

No.1 (September-October 1997)
Korotich, Vitaly, "The High Cost of a 'Free' Press"
Sossinsky, Sergei, "First Steps Toward a Multiparty State"
Waller, J. Michael, "Russia's Security Services: A Checklist for Reform"

Volume VII

No. 4 (March-April 1997)
Kovalev, Sergei, "The Anti-NATO Coterie"
Staar, Richard F., "Russia Expands Its Military R & D"
From the Database: Zatulin and Migranyan on the CIS

No. 3 (January-February 1997)
Lanskoy, Miriam, "Georgia: 'A Far-off Country ...' ?"
Shepherd, Monika, "Intervention in Central Asia"
Waller, J. Michael, "Primakov's Imperial Line"

No. 2 (November-December 1996)
Lohman, Diederik, "The Nikitin Case: Rule of Law?"
Peters, Rita P., "The Baltic Search for Security"

No. 1 (September-October 1996)
Afanasyev, Yuri, "Reclaiming Russian History"
Altshuler, Boris, "Human Rights and State Secrecy"
Lunev, Stanislav, "Lebed' and Rodionov: Views on Russia's Security"

Volume VI

No. 4 (March-April 1996)
Rotar, Igor, "Yel'tsin's Plan & Chechnya's Peace"
Velekhov, Leonid, "Russia-Cuba Relations: The Primacy of 'Ideology'"
Yanov, Alexander, "Behind Zyuganov's Smile"

No. 3 (January-February 1996)
Albats, Yevgenia, "The Fate of Russian Democracy"
Sedov, Leonid, "Russia's Post-Electoral Landscape"
Yemelyanenko, Vladimir, "The Crossroads of Russian Federalism"

No. 2 (November-December 1995)
Grigoriev, Sergei, "The China Card & Russian Roulette"
Kasianov, Heorhii, "Russia-Ukraine: The Imperial Syndrome"
Markov, Sergei, "In Defense of Moscow's Anti-Western Tilt"

No. 1 (September-October 1995)
Rumyantsev, Oleg, "Constitution Hinders Legislative Process"
Tselms, Georgy, "Elections Without a Party System"

Volume V

No. 4 (March-April 1995)
Grigoriev, Sergei, "Iron Fist versus Democrats"
Loshak, Viktor, "An Island Called the Press"
Maneva, Tatiana, "From Anarchy to Totalitarianism?"

No. 3 (January-February 1995)
Crow, Suzanne, "Yel'tsin's Chechnya"
Starovoitova, Galina, "What Future for Democracy?"
Waller, J. Michael, "Who Is Making Foreign Policy?"

No. 2 (November-December 1994)
Lorenz, Peter, "Punctual Pullout: An Overture?"
Teague, Elizabeth, "Overhauling the Administration: Federalization a la Carte"
Tolz, Vera, "Short-term Stability: At What Cost?"

No. 1 (September-October 1994)
Cavan, Susan J., "Presidential Apparatus: Constant Change"
Felgenhauer, Pavel, "Russia's Arms Sales Lobbies"
Korotich, Vitaly, "Russian Media: Victors or Victims?"

Volume IV

No. 4 (April-May 1994)
Mirzayanov, Vil S. "Chemical Weapons: An Expose"
Ponomarev, Lev, A. "Multiparty Politics in Russia"
Waller, J. Michael, "State Within a State: The KGB & Its 'Successors'"

No. 3 (February-March 1994)
Afanasyev, Yuri, "'A New Russian Imperialism'"
Khutsishvili, George, "Intervention in Transcaucasus"
Peters, Rita, "Russia Pressures the Baltic States"

No. 2 (December 1993)
Armes, Keith, "Russia's New Military Doctrine"
Armes, Keith, "'Present at the Creation': Genesis of a Multi-Party System"
Gibbs, Joseph, "Secrets of Russian Journalism"

No. 1 (September-October 1993)
Lyubarsky, Kronid, "Russian Parties & Law"
Ra'anan, Uri, "A Problematic Electoral System"

Volume III

No. 4 (April-May 1993)
From the Database: Archival Revelations
Ra'anan, Uri, "'Bosnias' on Russia's Borders?"
Zhavoronkov, Gennadi, "Behind Closed Doors: A New Military Doctrine?"

No. 3 (January-February 1993)
From the Database: Principal Parliamentary Groupings
Ponomarev, Lev A., "Tasks for Russian Democrats"
Ra'anan, Uri, "Russia: Portents?"

No. 2 (November 1992)
From the Database: Transcript of Politburo Meeting
Korotich, Vitaly, "Economy Endangering Free Media"
Yakunin, Gleb, "More Challenges to RF Democrats"

No. 1 (September 1992)
"Highlights of RF Law: The Status of Judges in Russia,"
Shikhanovich, Yuri, "Human Rights in Russia: Then & Now"
Zolotukhin, Boris, "First Steps to Judicial Reform"

Volume II

No. 5 (May-June 1992)
Hamm, Manfred R., "Soviet Withdrawal from Germany"
Ponomarev, L.A., "Has Reform Hit Security Organs?"
Volkogonov, D.I., "Russia's Military Policy"

No. 4 (March 1992)
Godek, Lisa, "Press in Russia: Precarious Freedom"
Jensen, Linda B., "Russian Television's Slow Progress: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back"
Karasik, Theodore, "Post-USSR: The Apparatchiki"

No. 3 (January 1992)
Cavan, Susan, J., "Transfer of Government from the Union: Russian Federation Takes Over"
Chernichenko, Yuri, "Land, Capital & Power in Russia"
Mandelstam Balzer, Marjorie, "Turmoil in Russia's Mini-Empire"

No. 2 (November 1991)
Armes, Keith, "After the Coup: The Armed Forces"
Kassler, Ann Marie, "The Making of a Multiparty System"
Khinchuk, Ksenya, "The Soviet Environment: New Approaches to Old Problems"

No. 1 (September 1991)
Korotich, Vitaly, "What Cripples Democracy in Russia?"
Ra'anan, Uri, "The Soviet Ethnic Mosaic"
Waller, J. Michael, "KGB: The Perils of Arbitrary Power"

Volume I

No. 4 (April 1991)
Fishel, Gene, "Radicalization of Independence in Ukraine"
Margueritte, Bernard, "Central Europe & the USSR"
Wettig, Gerhard, "The Soviet Union and German Unification"

No. 3 (February 1991)
Hampel, Adolf, "New Soviet Policy on Religion"
Nekrich, Aleksandr, '"A Wise Design'"
Thom, Francoise, "The Red Army: A New Role?"

No. 2 (December 1990)
Armes, Keith, "An Interview with Igor Birman"
Karasik, Theodore, "The Defense Council & Soviet Presidency"
Ra'anan, Uri, "INF, CFE & Gorbachev: Unanswered Questions"

No. 1 (October 1990)
Hahn, Gordon, "Gorbachev Versus the Apparat"
Nove, Alec, "The Soviet Crisis: Causes & Meaning"
Smirnov, Konstantin, '"Fog Ahead': The New Soviet Union Treaty"

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