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Lecture Series

 Date  Lecturer  Topic
October 28, 2009 Dr. Tammy Lynch, Senior Fellow at the Institute for the Study of Conflict, Ideology & Policy, and Dr. Chandler Rosenberger, Ass’t. Professor of Int’l and Global Studies and Sociology at Brandeis University Energy as Weapon: Ukraine, Russia, and European Security
February 4, 2008 Lev Ponomarev, Director of the All-Russia Movement for Human Rights Human Rights, Rule of Law, and Elections in Putin's Russia
November 28, 2007 Col. Eric A. Beene, Dep. Foreign Policy Advisor to the Commander United States European Command US, Europe, and Russia: A Discussion of Security Issues
November 1, 2006 Dr. Christopher Davis, Wolfson College, Oxford The Defense Sector in the Economy of the Russian Federation
March 29, 2006 Peter W. Rodman, Ambassador James Jeffery, and Lieutenant General James T. Conway War in Iraq: A Strategic Outlook
December 3, 2003 Professor Tom Nichols, Chair, Department of Strategy, Naval War College   Ideology, Terrorism, & Conflict in the 21st Century
April 11, 2001 Thomas Goltz  Sea of Instability: The Great Hydrocarbon Sweepstakes In and Around the Caspian
April 4, 2001  Dr. Emil Pain  Russia's Nationalities Policies
April 3, 2001  Admiral Donald L. Pilling (Ret.), Former Vice Chief of Naval Operations  National Security and the New Administration - Quo Vadis?
March 21, 2001 Colonel Robert Boudreau, Chief, Russia, Ukraine, Eurasia Division, J5  US Military Engagements with the NIS
December 1, 2000 Major General Charles N. Simpson, Director for Strategic Plans and Policy, US European Command US European Command: Opportunities and Challenges Looking Eastward
October 19, 2000 Major Mark Jones, US Army No Peace, No War: The Georgian-Abkhaz Conflict
October 19, 2000 Viktor Lozinsky, Memorial human rights activist A Resurgent FSB: Assault on Chechnya, the Media, and Human Rights
April 12, 2000 Admiral John B. Padgett III, Commander, Submarine Group Two Maritime Strategy for the 21st Century

 November 17, 1999

Mr. Igor Rotar, reporter, Nezavisimaya gazeta

In the Line of Fire: Conflict in the Caucasus

 March 17, 1999

Mr. Michael G. Ritchie
Director, Humanitarian Aid and Demining
Defense Security Cooperation Agency

Humanitarian Aid to the NIS

October 14, 1998 Mr. Victor Ciardello
Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense
Working with Russia: From Closed Cities to Collaboration
September 23, 1998 Admiral John B. Padgett III
Commander, Submarine Group Two
The Submarine Force of Today and Tomorrow
April 15, 1998 Ms. Rusudan Gorgiladze
Chief Advisor to the President of Georgia
State Building in Georgia and the Opportunities Presented by the Eurasian Corridor
December 3, 1997 Lieutenant Colonel Ronald Johnson
Strategic Planner US Atlantic Command
Central Asian Peacetime Engagement
September 17, 1997 Rear Admiral Marsha Johnson Evans
Superintendent, Naval Postgraduate School
NATO Expansion Viewed from Europe
April 9, 1997 Brig. General Tiiu Kera
Director of Intelligence, US Strategic Command
View from Vilnius: Experiences of the First US Defense Attaché to the Baltics
March 26, 1997 Ambassador Edward L. Rowny
Former Chief Negotiator, START
Negotiating with the Russians
 February 12, 1997 Vice Admiral James O. Ellis Jr.
Deputy Chief of Naval Operations Plans, Policy and Operations
The Role of Forward Deployed Naval Forces in Peace & Crisis
October 16, 1996 Brig. Gen. Thomas H. Neary
Director, Operations and Logistics US Strategic Command
A View from Strategic Command
March 27, 1996 Brig. Gen. Gary Rubus
Asst. to Director of Strategic Plans and Policy, Joint Staff
Bilateral Military Outreach in the NIS
February 21, 1996 Professor Richard Pipes
Baird Professor of History, Harvard University
Revelations from the Russian Archives
October 22, 1995 Baroness Rita von Leulsdorf
private philanthropist
What Russia Needs Today
September 27, 1995 Gen. John J. Sheehan
Commander in Chief, US Atlantic command
US Interests in the Caribbean
April 5, 1995 Gen. Barry R. McCaffrey
Commander in Chief, US Southern Command
US Interests in the Central America
 November 30, 1994 Vice Adm. J. Paul Reason
Deputy Chief of Naval Operations
Forward...From the Sea
March 2, 1994 RADM Joseph C. Strasser
President, Naval War College
The US Navy in the 21st Century
January 26, 1994 Maj. Gen. Ervin J. Rokke, USAF
Asst. Cheif of Staff, Intelligence
Air Force Intelligence in a Changing World
 October 6, 1993 Maj. Gen. Anthony C. Zinni
Deputy Commanding General, USMC Combat Development Command
Operation Restore Hope in Somalia
March 17, 1993 Frank J. Dellermann
Deputy Director for Strategic Arms Control Policy
Negotiating with Russia: A Comparison of START I & II
September 30, 1992 RADM Eric A. McVadon
Former US Defense Attaché, Beijing
Chinese Security in a Post-Soviet World
April 15, 1992 Lt. Gen. Teddy G. Allen, USA
Director, Defense Security Assistance Agency
US Security Assistance: Eastern Europe & the Former Soviet Union
March 25, 1992 Maj. Gen. Richard J. O'Lear, USAF
Assistant Chief of Staff, Intelligence
Intelligence Report: Military Forces in the CIS
January 15, 1992 Elena Bonner
Human Rights Activist
Human Rights Issues in the (Former) Soviet Union
December 4, 1991 Lt. Gen. C. Norman Wood, USAF
Director, Intelligence Community Staff
US Intelligence: Responding to the Challenges of the '90s
October 9, 1991 Michael Bourdeaux
Director, Keston Institute, Oxford
Religion Under Gorbachev
September 25, 1991 Vitaly Korotich
Former Editor in Chief, Ogonyok
The Future of Democracy in the Soviet Union
April 10, 1991 Wolf Moskovich
Chairman, Dept. of Slavic Studies, Univ. of Pennsylvania
The Changing Pattern of Soviet Political Discourse
March 27, 1991 Mark Field
Fellow, Harvard Russian Research Ctr.
Psychiatric Practice in the USSR
March 11, 1991 Gen. John W. Douglass
Deputy US Military Rep., NATO Headquarters
NATO After the Gulf
February 27, 1991 Adm. Leon A. Edney
Commander in Chief, US Atlantic Command
Seapower in a Multi-Crisis Environment
February 19, 1991 Harry Gelber
Professor, University of Tasmania
National Security and Economic Uncertainty
November 19, 1990 Gen. John A. Shaud, USAF
Chief of Staff, SHAPE
NATO and the Future: The Way Ahead
October 10, 1990 Mark Kuchment
Fellow, Harvard Russian Research Ctr
Soviet Science Policy: Alternatives under Gorbachev
May 2, 1990 Viktor Danilenko
Professor, Moscow State Inst. of International Relations
Political Reform in the Soviet Union and a Law Governed State (Rechtsstaat)
March 26, 1990 William H. Anderson
Chairman, Dept. of Psychiatry, St. Elizabeth's Hospital
AIDS in Cuba
March 26, 1990 Murray Feshbach
Professor of Demography, Georgetown University
The Health Crisis in the USSR
March 26, 1990 Andrzej Milczanowksi
Solidarnosc official
The Health Crisis in Poland
February 15, 1990 Col. John A. Warden III, USAF
Deputy Director for Warfighting Concepts
The Future of Air Power: Strategies for a Changing World
October 5, 1989 Yuri C. Chernichenko
USSR Interregional Group of Deputies
The Transition from Totalitarianism

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