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Starting February 9, 1999, general access to the database has been terminated.

Beyond the membership of the Institute and its Research Associates, the material is accessible to members of the Boston University community.

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If you don't have a login name and password send an inquiry by email to the Institute or call at 617-353-5815.

The database describes in detail major events, trends, policies, institutions, and personalities from the Gorbachev period onward. A broad range of materials from various sources has been utilized to provide what is believed to be the most comprehensive collection of information, commentary, and analysis on post-Soviet affairs available to the scholarly community free of charge. Economic developments are covered only to the degree that they directly affect the political situation.

The database consists of over 60,000 items selected by the members of the research team and ISCIP staff since 1988. For ease of searching, these items are arranged in the following general categories:

Soviet Union

  • Archives
  • Armed Forces
  • Biography
  • CPSU
  • Foreign Relations
  • Economy
  • Government
  • Judiciary
  • Media
  • Presidency
  • Security Services
  • Russian Federation

  • Armed Forces
  • Chechnya
  • Constitution
  • Coups
  • Courts
  • Domestic Affairs
  • Elections
  • Foreign Relations
  • Government
  • Legislative Organs
  • Media
  • Political Parties
  • Presidency
  • Procuracy
  • Regions
  • Security Council
  • Security Organs
  • NIS

    Analogous categories for each post-Soviet republic

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