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Conference 2006 (AAASS)


American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies Conference

Washington, D.C.

Chain Reaction: National Uprisings in a Post-Totalitarian World

Chair: Uri Ra’anan, (ISCIP, Boston University)

Papers: Robyn Angley, (ISCIP, Boston University)
"The Rose Precedent: Georgia’s Revolution and Russia’s Response”
Tammy Lynch, (ISCIP, Boston University)
“Before & After Orange: The Stability Question”
Chandler Ross Rosenberger, (Boston University)
“‘Serbia is Rising!’ National Dignity, Global Ignominy and the Anti-Milosevic Revolt”

Discussants:  Susan J Cavan (ISCIP, Boston University) and Monika Shepherd (ISCIP, Boston University)


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A lighter moment at the conference.


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