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Flawed Succession: Russia's Power Transfer Crises Order it!
(Lexington Books, 2006, 198p)
Uri Ra'anan, ed.

Russia: A Return to Imperialism? Order it!
(St. Martin's Press, 1996, 199p)
Uri Ra'anan and Kate Martin, eds.

Russian Pluralism – Now Irreversible? Order it!
(St. Martin's Press, 1992, 203p)
Uri Ra'anan, Keith Armes and Kate Martin, eds.

State and Nation in Multi-ethnic Societies Order it!
(Manchester University Press, 1991, 254p)
Uri Ra'anan, Maria Mesner, Keith Armes and Kate Martin, eds.

The Soviet Empire: the Challenge of National and Democratic Movements Order it!
(DC Heath, 1990, 239p)
Uri Ra'anan, ed.

Gorbachev's USSR: A System in Crisis Order it!
(Macmillan, 1990,145p)
Uri Ra'anan and Igor Lukes, eds.

Inside the Apparat: Perspectives on the Soviet Union from Former Functionaries Order it!
(DC Heath, 1990, 260p)
Uri Ra'anan and Igor Lukes

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