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Statement: "Russia's Invasion of Georgia"


A weekly Analytical Review devoted to current events and authored by ISCIP's research team.
A bimonthly journal featuring articles by eminent contributors from the region.
Behind the Breaking News
An occasional feature illuminating important developments as they occur.
ISCIP Update
Focusing on issues of major international importance and based on the findings of ISCIP's conferences.
Publication Series
Occasional papers in areas of particular scholarly interest.


Lecture Series 2009: "Energy as Weapon: Ukraine, Russia, and European Security"
October 28, 2009; Boston University
Book Event 2009: Prof. Uri Ra'anan discusses Flawed Succession
April 22, 2009; Barnes and Noble @ BU
Lecture Series 2008: "Human Rights, Rule of Law, and Elections In Putin's Russia" by Lev Ponomarev
February 4, 2008; Boston University
Lecture Series 2007: "US, Europe and Russia"
November 28, 2007; Boston University
AAASS Conference 2006: "Chain Reaction"
November 17, 2006; Washington, D.C.
Forum 2006: "War in Iraq: A Strategic Outlook"
March 30, 2006; SMG Executive Leadership Center.
Conference 2004: "Sic Transit...Moscow Power Transfer Crises"
April 20, 2004; SMG Executive Leadership Center.
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A rich collection of information, commentary, and analysis on post-Soviet affairs.
Lecture Series
Presentations by leading members of policy-making and academic circles.
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