In Spring 2000, with the support of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, IRSD hosted a second international conference, in Boston, on ethnicity and social stratification in the US and the UK Papers from the conference are to be published in an edited volume.

With the support of a major grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, IRSD launched a multiyear research project on affirmative action in higher education. Questions investigated included the study of gender differences in academic performance among African-American high school students; simulation studies of the impact on selection efficiency resulting from colleges pursuing diversity while maintaining formally "color blind" admissions policies; and philosophical reflections on the shifting public discourse over racially preferential college admissions policies.

How does religious participation affect the socioeconomic achievements of young people in American society? This question raised an additional point of research interest that was pursued during the 1999 | 2000 academic year.




Fall 1999 Workshop Schedule
Spring 2000 Workshop Schedule





Summary:  AY 1998 | 1999 was the second year of operation for IRSD. A weekly research workshop met throughout the year, attracting speakers of the highest caliber. (View the list.) IRSD launched a new seminar for advanced undergraduate students, on freedom and economic justice, and hosted a prestigious, University-wide public lecture series on the same topic. We began a competitive research fellowship program that attracted a large number of high-quality applications from a diverse population.

Grants:   The Institute received grants during AY 1998 | 1999 from: (1) The John Templeton Foundation (supporting the seminar on "Freedom, Markets, and Economic Justice"); (2) The W.K. Kellogg Foundation (supporting a research project on "Race, Ethnicity, and Social Mobility in the United States and the United Kingdom"); (3) The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation (core organizational support); (4) The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation (supporting a research project on diversity and opportunity in higher education); and (5) The Ford Foundation (core organizational support).

Fellows:  IRSD was home to six resident fellows and one non-resident scholar during the academic year. Fellows participated in the weekly workshops and pursued their research in the humanities and social sciences on topics related to race and social division. 

Conference:   IRSD sponsored an international conference in Bath, England, that gathered scholars from the U.S. and the U.K. to discuss ethnicity and social stratification in the two countries.

Lectures:   During AY 1998 | 1999 IRSD hosted public lectures by Nobel laureate economist Gary Becker, distinguished historical sociologist Orlando Patterson, influential political theorist John Gray, and noted community activist, the Rev. Eugene Rivers.


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