IRSD Working Papers Series:



"Distribution of Ability and Earnings in a Job Assignment Model"   Robert M. Costrell and Glenn C. Loury      [PDF document]

"The Frederick Douglass Institute for African and African-American Studies at the University of Rochester, 1986-1998; A Chronicle and Documentary History Karen E. Fields    [PDF document]

Rising Prevalence of Childhood Obesity 1986-1998     Richard Strauss,MD and Harold Pollack, PhD

Passing Strict Scrutiny: Using Social Science to Define Affirmativ Action Programs    Clark D. Cunningham, Glenn C. Loury and John David Skrentny


"Racial Differences in the Transition to Home Ownership"    Kerwin Charles and Erik Hurst

"Assessing Affirmative Action"    Harry Holzer and David Neumark

"Income Distribution and Development"    Ravi Kanbur

"The Historical Origins of Afrocentrism"    Mia Bay

"Haiti's Ethnic Ambassadors: Ethnicity and Identity after Intermarriage"    Regine Ostine



"Race, Class and Whites' Stereotypes about Blacks: A Survey-Based Experiment"    Lawrence Bobo

"Discrimination in the Small Business Credit Market"    David Blanchflower, Phillip Levine, and David Zimmerman

"Human Capital Investment and Nonparticipation: Evidence from a Sample with Infinite Horizons"    Eli Berman

"The Contested Meanings of 'Asian American' "    Nazli Kibria

"Liberalism and the Dilemmas of Value Pluralism"    David B. Wong

"The Effect Attending a Small Class in the Early Grades on College-Test Taking and Middle School Test Results: Evidence from Project STAR"    Alan Krueger and Diane Whitemore



"Economics and Identity"    George Akerlof and Rachel E. Kranton

"Equalizing Opportunity through Educational Finance Reform"    John Roemer and Julian R. Betts

"The Rise and Decline of the American Ghetto"    David M. Cutler, Edward Glaeser, and Jacob Vigdor

"Moving to Opportunity in Boston: Early Impacts of a Housing Mobility Program"    Lawrence Katz



"The Evolution of Norms Governing Cooperation Among Ascriptive Groups"    Jonathan Bendor and Piotr Swistak


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