Professor, School of Public Affairs, University of Maryland and Director, Institute for Philosophy and Public Policy

William Galston (Ph.D. in Political Science, University of Chicago), is a political theorist who both studies and participates in American politics and domestic policy. In the first two years of President Clinton's administration, Galston served as the Deputy Assistant to the President for Domestic Policy. He formerly taught at the University of Texas, Austin in the Government Department, and served as Director of Economic and Social Programs at the Roosevelt Center for American Policy Studies in Washington, DC. Other experience includes stints as issue director for Walter Mondale's presidential campaign (1982-1984), senior advisor to Albert Gore, Jr., in his 1988 run for the Democratic presidential nomination. Galston is a founding co-editor of The Responsive Community, a journal that explores the issues of community, responsibility, and the common good in public policy. His most recent book is Liberal Purposes: Goods, Virtues, and Diversity in the Liberal State (1991), and he has also authored a series of articles on family policy. In recent years Galston has focused increasingly on family policy.